Videogameszone: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Review

Videogameszone played Modern Warfare 2 and published the Review for PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. "We are thrilled! Modern Warfare 2 Action offers a perfect atmosphere. Fat sound on the 5.1 system, a perfect appearance and a terrific sound track from Hans Zimmer offers a brilliant game. The single-player mode is pretty short, but offers terrific directed missions, with a few twists in the story. The multiplayer mode adds fun for months. In addition, the Spec Ops missions. Modern Warfare 2 to become "Game of the Year 2009".

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Xgamerzus4714d ago

bring on theFPS graphic comparions, KZ2 R2 Halo ODSTetc...

ambientFLIER4714d ago

Sorry to tell you, but it will be.

shazui1234714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

killzone 2 is on another level compared to those other fps games in terms of graphics. More like R2 vs MW2 vs. borderlands or something, ODST is the worst of the lot by far so thats not fair either

and to fix the last line of the review "Modern warfare 2 to be surpassed by Uncharted 2 to become GOTY 2009"

NaiNaiNai4714d ago

But game of the year FPS is not decided on Graphics alone, alot of its About fun factor and I think that will go to BFBC2 if its like the first one.

Relientk774714d ago

Uncharted 2, u mean for GOTY

I guess Videogameszone just doesnt kno :-/