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"Play, create, share." That's the official motto - or tagline, depending how cynical you are - of LittleBigPlanet. The idea being you play through a series of platforming levels, create your own (with the option to throw in items collected during the platforming bit), and share them online.

That's the idea, but it doesn't sum up everyone's experience of LittleBigPlanet on PS3. For some of us it was more like, "Play, create, realise game design is quite hard actually, give up." For others, "Play, complain about the controls being too floaty, go back to Resistance." LBP may have earned an impressive set of review scores thanks to the charming central character, uniquely realised artistic vision, impressive level of technical achievement and huge scope for creativity, but some people just want to shoot a monster in the face.

If you fall into that category, the PSP version of LittleBigPlanet won't pull you out. Development duties may have fallen to another studio, SCEE Cambridge, but it's clear the team there has worked hard to stay true to Media Molecule's vision. The result is a game which is just as pretty, inventive and enjoyable as the original, and slightly less floaty. Which is of course good news for those of us who were hooked by LBP first time around.

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Nitrowolf23732d ago

First review?
dam pretty good score, can't wait to get this

Sev3732d ago

WTF! This is under embargo until Nov 17th!

I hate that Sony skips the embargo on bigger sites. I guess I will just keep playing LBP PSP, and readying my review, which I have to hold until the embargo lifts.

Let me just tell you guys...

It's like playing the PS3 LBP, but on your PSP. They've done such a good job porting it to the PSP it's really quite amazing. It's probably the best done PSP game of all time, and the best PSP game of the year.

Nitrowolf23732d ago

Thxs for the info sev, im glad that it will feel like that,

Mexico6193732d ago

there's no online multiplayer in any form in it?

Feral Gamer3732d ago

But Eurogamer is biased against Sony exclusives!


ElementX3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

That's so true! I have been here for years and all I read is "Eurogamer would give that game a better score if it were on 360" and "Eurogamer hates the PS3, they're 360 fanboys".

I don't know how you got so many disagrees for speaking the truth. There's so much BS hypocrite, two-faced, back stabbers on here. They'll condemn a site for douchebag claims, then a week later give praise for something which makes their original claims seem foolish. (i.e. Eurogamer gives inFamous 7/10):

Take a look at the comments!

"1.16 - Pretty sad review.
It's amazing to me how these crack journalists don't even try to hide how badly they review games... At least try and cover up your fanboyism and throw the PS3 a bone once and a while."

"1.21 -
Oh Eurolamer.
How they never cease to amuse me. "

"1.24 -
Sony should blacklist Eurogamer. It's pretty ridiculous how they always give PS3 exclusives low scores without holding anything back. Rater than not show they're bias they always nit pick and trash talk everything they possibly can and just show that they are bias. I guess they probably just do it for the hits. But if that's the case, that's even more ridiculous."

"3 -
I see Eurogamer are keeping up their rep! "

"4 -
I'm not even shocked by Eurogamer reviews... "

"4.1 - no pun intended?
anyway, is this actually a surprise to anyone, considering how they rate other Playstation 3 exclusives? "

"7 -
Pretty typical I actually thought they might have given infamous an 8 but I can see that they're gonna keep doing the exact same thing over and over."

CAN'T FORGET MASTIFFCHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !:
"16.1 -
Eurogamer have a couple of decent reviewers, a couple of staunch 360 lovers and a few really useless writers. Unlike most PS3 fans and owners I don't agree that the site ,as such, is biased but the editor that gives out the jobs may well be and even for outsiders it's very easy to guess which reviewer will give which game on which platform which kind of score. There's a real history of low scores for PS exclusives at EGUK and this shouldn't shock anybody"

How about Fat Princess review? (6/10):

"1.3 - Eurogamer/Edge
That's what went wrong (as usual). "

"1.9 -
Lol, Eurofail.
This game is really good but what did I expect from a site like this anyway? "

"1.10 -
Eurogamer...always give a PS3 title a lot lower than any other review site. This game deserves at least 8/10. "

"1.20 - i swear... when i saw eurogamer
i was like ok... eurogamer and ps3 exclusive hummmmmmmm
yep a 6.
and damn i was right..
ps: they hate ps3 with"

HERE'S PIRATETHOM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
"4 -
What a sur....
Oh, it's Eurogamer. Carry on. Stick about 2-3 points on it."

"6 -
Another eurogamer review, another plea for hits.

As I said, Feral you are spot on! Talk about BS on this site. Everything is a love/hate relationship and it's sickening. I'm aware these quotes are from PS3 games, but you get the idea. Everyone thinks Eurogamer hates Sony! That's complete bullsh!t

PirateThom3732d ago

I know, but seriously, LittleBigPlanet and Uncharted 2 were like the only PS3 games they reviewed where the games deserved it, everything else they're usually way below the average, which I question. I know it's just opinion, but how can their opinion always be so negative?

NeoCloud3732d ago

9 out of 10 not bad at all. With Games like the new Jak and Daxter,StarWars,SoulCalibur the PSP's getting some really awesome games.

-Alpha3732d ago

I have to say that Eurogamer is one of the oddest, and maybe the most inconsistent reviewers out there.

Sure, this is a good score, and people will say "Oh it's Eurogamer, they gave it a 9, this HAS to be a good game". Maybe I just have a bad taste after reading their 10/10 review for Street Fighter IV but I really don't find them too consistent. What did they give MGS IV? 8/10?

Anyways the numerical score is not too big of a deal, at least their reviews are well detailed and give insight to the game.

Oh, and I was initially very worried about a PSP LBP-- long load times, no MP (correct me if I'm wrong), only 2 planes, seemed to make this a bit of a compromise but I guess Mm pulled it off, those little geniuses.

I heard the platforming was tighter which is always great news.

Evocation3732d ago

I'd say eurogamer very much give review scored based more on how they liked it, then to the game and what it's trying to achieve. Hence most of the reviews seem to hate quick time advents and long cut scenes.
I respect their opion, but often ignore them as I have different tastes. the end number is never a good thing to judge a review and game by imo

dragon823732d ago

I can't wait to get this game!!!! I hope the DLC version is released on the same day as the UMD version.

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