Sony Europe: Is there anybody there?

Excerpt from article: "I'm truly beginning to wonder exactly who is staffing the offices at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe but I do have one request for the senior management of the Sony. Can we please swap them with the staff from the US or Japanese offices? Please?

It's genuinely rare that I become frustrated with anything much more advanced than a toaster, but SCEE's treatment of its PSN customers is really starting to grate, especially since the release of the PSP Go."

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sinncross3721d ago

While it is true that the EU PSN is lacking compared to US and JPN but this is for one very simple reason: language demographic.

US only has to really cater for English, whereas JPN only has to cater for Japanese.

SCEE are not called SCEE for nothing, they have to cater to the whole of Europe. Games have to be localised into the main languages, including English, German, Italian, French, Spanish eg before they can be OK'd for release on the EU PSN, or in EU in general.

In some cases, as with PS1 titles, certain countries might have had a different publisher like Ubisoft doing the French version of a game. This provides another problem: not only must languages be taken into account but licensing issues from different publishers must as well.

Yes, it does suck for the EU PSN (it's the one I have to use) but there is more to the whole picture which makes it difficult for SCEE to pump out titles for EU whereas for the US and JPN markets it is a pretty linear affair.

Cwalat3721d ago

...don't forget licensing, since Europe contains of many many countries there are different publishers in most countries.

Stupid as it may be, i think they're doing a bad job. They could release content on English first and then do the localization.

But then again... licensing + publishing issues.

Kain813721d ago

a JPN and US account on PSN.

Venatus-Deus3721d ago

If people are so desperate then just create a US account and buy a US PSN card of ebay. I don't own a PSP so can't say whether PSP games are region free.

PS3? Simple. Problem solved.

coolfool3721d ago

I think you are kind of missing the point......

wonderbanana3721d ago

How can localisation be an issue for PS1 games which have already been localised when they were originally released?

sam22363721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

@Venatus-Deus: Uh no, the problem isn't solved. If you buy a US card online, there's a risk of it getting lost in the post AND there's also the fact that there are idiots selling them for ridiculous prices.

Besides, why should anyone have to go through all that when SCEE could easily get up off their lazy asses and put the games on the store?

EDIT: Oh and who here has actually bought Winnie the Pooh? Anyone? No? I thought so.

redsquad3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

I have a US PSN account for demos, but don't use my credit card on it. I could buy a US card on Ebay, but I shouldn't have to.

I bought a PS3 at launch, have bought dozens of games and poured a lot of money into the PSN items that ARE available on the European store. I really would like to be treated on a par with other regions rather than be coninually frustrated by reading about what I can't have.

Venatus-Deus3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

If you read Sinncross’s very mature response and again the link provided by faiizow then you'll understand that nobody is missing the point. It’s just one of those things that take a little time for good reason.

So again... IF YOU ARE DESPERATE TO GET THESE GAMES AND YOU DON’T WANT TO WAIT then there is a work around to the problem. I just checked ebay and the prices seem OK.

We also got Vidzone before. The US hasn’t. It’s not all bad.

kwicksandz3721d ago

what annoys me most is that english speaking countrys are bundled with non english ones. If there is an english version released in the US why do aus/uk/nz have to wait for the polish and german localization!

Taking that thought one step further,Why are NZ and AU even under SCEE? Geographically we are closer to the US than europe, arent part of the EU and both countrys official language is english.

sikbeta3721d ago

How the fist 2 got disagrees? Europe is formed by more than the 27 countries of the "EU", every country has it's own laws, is not like America as Primary Country and then the followers that are Canada and Latin America...

Redempteur3721d ago

My eur psp 1000 is hacked and set on AMERICAN and sometimeson japanese ..
WIth my ps3 i can enjoy then the demos and exclusives dlcs for theses regions .

I haven't switched my psp on the EUR region since ... since ...i don't know .

I'm guessing there is not enough people On the SCEE side for theme to do well ....Sure when you're releasing something , there is testing to do .. i can understand that ... BUT some choices are ..well weird .. if they need to hire people in order to work better , just send me a mail , i'll be happy to help

Shadow Flare3721d ago

I have one request and one request only for SCEE concerning the psn store. Stop bringing crap psone games to it. We want colony wars, not party time with winnie the pooh. We want wipeout 2097, not the little mermaid. We want micro machines v3, not disney's hercules. And we want them more frequently. Stop wasting time with crap psone games and bring us some real psone classics

Noctis Aftermath3721d ago

@shadowflare: you read my mind, wheres the EU Wild arms 1 & 2? i see it's been on JP PSN for months.

ico923721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

well i kind of understand but still its no excuse as an owner of the ps3 and a user of psn we should be getting the same treatment as our fellow ps3 owners in japan and the usa i mean its freaking annoying that in the usa and japan they get games like mgs1,silent hill and resident evil but over here the latest release's we get is games like little mermaid and hercules i mean come on, how in the hell are those ps1 classics its total bs and i can't beleive im saying this but its just not fair, its irritating when you go on to n4g and you see news like MGS comming to psn getting exited then relaisng its not comming to your region there isnt even a notice telling you when its comming, here in the u.k and the rest of europe we get treated like 2nd class citizens and it really bothers me especially seeing as europe has the largest ps3 install base in the world,so i agree with the title of the article where is SCEE?

weazel3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Winnie the pooh?!?!! He's hardcore compared to the little mermaid and hercules. (Sorry....Disney's Hercules!) I'll concede that medievil is good, but where the hell are the oddworld games, MGS, or the resident evil's?

MazzingerZ3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Got a code from SCEE to download the GoW3 demo from the PSN!

Don't give a crapp about what people say, thanks SCEE!

People should be happy that SCEE exists as a corporation rather than been non-existent like MSFT Europe, thanks to SCEE we get a lot of great games, SCEE does a lot of R&D to bring innovation to the console.

Do you want a fake European corporation with no localisation? Get a X360.

That my kids can play LBP, EyePet, R&C in their native language which is only spoken by around 8 million and that SONY cares about it and localise their games and OS, PS Store, etc it's worth gold!

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lordkemp0073721d ago

We are still waiting for the movie video store in Europe.

KrazyFace3721d ago

sinncross, I think you just put an abrupt end to anyone commenting here! It's exactly these reasons SCEE seem so far behind Japan and America, and it's an unfortunate circumstance for us that have to use SCEE as our source.

That said, English is most of Europe's second language, so why they can't put these games out in English first is a bit of a shame.

PotNoodle3721d ago

Many of the PS1 games they are speaking of not being on the EU store are not down to Sony europe, they are down to the individual publishers of those games.

And there is one simple fact stopping them bringing them over, rights, licesing and all that rubbish has long expired in europe for those games and getting it all for multiple countries probably costs more money than they will actually make on putting the games on the store.

It simply is not worth it.

peeps3721d ago

i think sometimes there is just nothing scee can do about us getting certain content at particular times etc etc but equally i believe we deserve a better service, even if it's just keeping users informed about various things e.g. if a psn game is released on the us store but not on the eu store for another few weeks (zombie appocalypse is a recent example) then they could at least inform eu gamers of why there is a delay and when to expect the game.

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