Microsoft and Sony Are Tightening Security On Live and PSN

After all the recent piracy on big games such as Forza 3 and Modern Warfare 2, it seems both Microsoft and Sony are starting to take it very seriously indeed.

In a recent email from Ubisoft, all websites that receive review copies are now being asked to supply all Gamertages and PSN usernames to publishers to make sure no-one is playing the game they shouldn't.

"As Sony/Microsoft are becoming tighter on piracy we want to make sure that we have your, and your writer's, gamertags. If we send any review copies in advance of the release day there is a danger you could be penalised for piracy, so we'd like to be able to confirm the users if asked by the 1st parties," said the email.

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Persistantthug3722d ago

All of their other console systems, that's a different story though.