Critical Gamer: Rogue Warrior: Preview

Critical Gamer Writes: Speaking on a purely personal level, news thus far released of Rogue Warrior had inspired nothing more than apathy in me. It wasn't one of the busiest games at the Eurogamer Expo (though it never seemed to be adandoned), so perhaps many other people felt the same? Was it an exciting shooter that made good use of the experiences of the real – life Navy SEAL character, or was it a brainless shovelware piece destined for the bargain bin? Time to sit down and find what it was really like.

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IDesertFoxI3723d ago

You make it sound like a loud Splinter Cell. A bit like what would happen if Sam Fisher drank a little too much one day and decided to take his vengeful binge through Russia, as he went off the rails just a little too much.

I'll stay optimistic about this being good, but by the sounds of it it is stepping into the genre boxing ring along with Gears of War, which has already set the standards quite high for third person shooters utilising cover and up close violence.

Jim Crikey3723d ago

Not sure it's too similar to Gears of war - apart from the hilarious overly macho atmosphere.

scruffy_bear3723d ago

Do we really need another overly macho atmosphere game, what about one with a story

scruffy_bear3723d ago

I'm unsure about Rogue Warrior, it looks ok.

KrazyFace3723d ago

I'd play it just to feel like I have funny facial hair!

And I'd play it drunk!

Mondayding3723d ago

It's not Rogue Warrior. Why isn't it Rogue Warrior? When will we see a Rogue Warrior? Did I say Rogue Warrior enough there?

Mondayding3723d ago

Wait a minute, I said Rogue Warrior... I meant Rogue Trooper! Slap me now.

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