Avalanche sequence cut from Modern Warfare 2

Examiner: Fairfax S. McCandlish IV, the Lead Designer of Infinity Ward, revealed an exciting new sequence that was eventually cut in the upcoming PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 title.

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Glyn_Dwr3733d ago

Sounds like Uncharted territory!

SL1M DADDY3733d ago

Hopefully they come out with far more DLC than they did for COD4. I know that despite the small amount of maps for MP in COD4, it has still been one of the most played games online for two years running. You can only imagine what would happen if they run with more maps for MW2.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3733d ago

Man, I keep liking IW more and more! Go IW! /sarcasm

Mista T3733d ago

must be because of DVD9 :P

Sniper4303733d ago

Sadly that's probly what it was, xbox needs to install blu Ray man so we can share multiplatform games with the quality of Uncharted 2...

TVippy3733d ago

They just want MORE money, isn't that obvious?

komp3733d ago

I just watched Bloomberg and they spoke about Activision and how they are using the COD franchise to boost bad sales of GH.

So yes, it will all be DLC as they scrape in the $$$ from the unknowing sucker gamer.

This is how Microsoft sells its achilles heal, Our DVD is too small and so we can just sell DLC and make more money. The Publishers just suck that line up.

Soon we will all be buying blank disks and the blank disk is the token to get the Game + DLC.

If we sit back and allow them to go this way then we are all to blame for lapping it up.

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