Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: Prototype and Infamous

lets just say you only have $60 and you want to buy a free-roaming title. You only have a PS3 and you're say… around fourteen to seventeen years old. You talk with your friends and they show you some clips from Infamous and Prototype, you're torn between the two. Your mother is about to take you to the store to spend your money (yeah you're a mummies boy) and you look around your bedroom. There's a picture of Cole McGrath from Infamous and Alex Mercer from Prototype. It's time to choose. Time to choose.

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Christopher_Walken3724d ago

I thought this was settled months ago?

There wouldn't be this whole debate if both titles were multi plat. :/

mastiffchild3724d ago

No, as everyone(or nearly) would accept inFAMOUS as a much better and more polished game which ISN'T Hulk UD in a different wrapper!

RedPawn3724d ago

It can never be over sir, I won't let it/s.

Really what the title should of read is"Which game is played less, and the ways to prove it?"

A tear for your time.

Sarcasm3724d ago

InFamous was pretty good, solid 8/10 for me.

Prototype, I'd say 6.5/10. It's more of a mindless beatem up. It got boring pretty quick.

SL1M DADDY3724d ago

Needs to be slapped in the face with a rubber chicken then strung up by their man junk. inFAMOUS is the best choice between the two and to say otherwise makes you a poor judgement of games... IMHO.

gaffyh3724d ago

inFAMOUS is easily 9/10 at least, Prototype is 7.5-8/10.

I've got both, preferred pretty much everything about inFAMOUS over Prototype, but Prototype was a bit of mindless fun.

sikbeta3724d ago

Dumbass article, how many months from those days when fanboys attacked inFamous and said Prototype was better, forgetting that was multiplat and at the end the game result to be good but wasn't even close to inFamous

So The moral of the story is:

First Party Games > Third Party Games Dependence

That was the most stupid xbox fanboy attack ever


FACTUAL evidence3724d ago

So unprofessional, take a look at this sentence, "So who’s the superior one? There isn’t. Yeah I said there would be a choice of a better game but I can’t make my (mine) up." mine? Does he mean "mind"? anyway those 2 games came out like 6 months back....he should be comparing mw2 and BC2....

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monkey6023724d ago

This is an old topic. Nobody is going to care.

But for the sake of it

"fourteen to seventeen years old"
Prototype is for a mature audience, InFAMOUS it is. Problem solved!

sarshelyam3724d ago

At least I hope I do.

While [prototype] is RATED Mature, it's anything but a mature's silly frivulous violence for little to know reason. It's appeasing to the more simple mentalities of gaming: The Dumb Action Flick if you will.

I just popped in inFAMOUS the other day, and while the city is rather barren after completing both story arcs, I certainly have more fun and feel the city is STILL far more inviting than that of [prototype].

Presentation aside, I STILL had more fun with inFAMOUS. So what if all his powers are electricity based, the same argument could be made for [prototype], where Alex Mercer simply adds one more weapon into his arsenal to tear, crush, pummel or destroy. The end result is Alex Mercer bloodies everything. Cole's adventure seems far more subtle to appeal to the tastes of a more adult crowd.

monkey6023724d ago

Yeah it was a joke
mature as in over 18 - because the game is over 18's!

For the record I love InFAMOUS. Have the Platinum to prove it. Never played [Prototype} because I never liked the look of it.

ZombieAutopsy3724d ago

If i owned them i would play them but theirs just been better games out lately.

mattygamefreak3724d ago

Finished inFamous twice and loved it both times. Prototype I hit up for around 2 hours before walking away in disgust.

Prototype - The official video game for morons.


no im pretty sure that award would have to goto Mercenaries: World in Flames, that game was utter crap, horrible, i take a big ol sh1t on that game.

badz1493724d ago

and I really want to finish it because it's kinda fun shooting people in that game! but if I can, I would want to play the game with my eyes close! it's a disgrace for HD games because it looks like crap! if you see an enemy running towards you from afar, they look exactly like those found in Virtua Cop!

PirateThom3724d ago

One is Activision, thus was boycotted by me.

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The story is too old to be commented.