NY Legislation Classifies Sale of Violent Games to Minors as Class E Felony

Proposed by the New York State Assembly's Joseph Lentol, the new bill imposes stricter penalties for those that violate its terms and makes the distribution of "violent and indecent video games to minors" a class E felony - a distinction New York also applies to the placement of a false bomb or hazardous substance, incest, and child abandonment. According to New York penal law, class E felonies are punishable by a maximum sentence up to four years in jail.

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GameJunkieJim4747d ago

No penalties for the bad parenting, lets take ALL the blame from them.

This has a Jack Thompson stench all over it.

Fuсking idiots.

Parents fault. Either they purchase the game for the kid, or they don't give the kid the proper supervision or instill the values they want in the child.

fenderputty4747d ago

Did a little research and ....

"Furnishing Alcohol to a Person Under Age 21: No person may sell, deliver or give an alcoholic beverage to a person actually or apparently under the age of 21. (The Law does not apply to the parent of a minor). Penal Law, 260.20(2) and ABC Law, 65(1). Individuals violating this law are guilty of a Class A misdemeanor, and may be subject to a fine not exceeding $1000, a term of imprisonment not to exceed 1 year, or both. ABC Law, 130(3) and (5) and Penal Law 70.15(1)(a), 80.05(1)."

That's New York penal law. It's a freking misdemeanor.

fenderputty4747d ago

that one can hardly argue violent video games cause death and, that alcohol related accident cause TONS of deaths, this is one of the most arss backwards laws I've ever seen.

macalatus4747d ago

Someone in NY needs to get out and take a chill pill...

Siesser4746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

Although I disagree with the severity of the law, I do think that the concept in general is a good thing for the industry. The more that we can ensure that retailers are enforcing the ESRB labels and not giving these games to kids, the less that the industry can be held responsible should they end up in a child's hands. When it reaches that point, it will no longer be 'blame the industry,' but rather, blame the parents. Which it should be from the get-go, but is so rarely percieved as such.

Wolfgang1874746d ago

I see this as a good thing. Maybe if every state did this game devs would make mature games that are actually mature. I'm sure if you youngins want a game bad enough you'll get your paws on it.

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