The Reticule: Aion Review

The Reticule writes: "Aion comes from South Korean based MMO powerhouse, NCsoft. You may recognise the name from titles such as City of Heroes, Guild Wars and Lineage 2. All enjoyable MMOs but all lacking a certain something that would propel them to greatness. Aion on the other hand certainly has a hell of a lot of promise for such a new MMO. It's worth noting now before I begin that I adore MMOs, they provide ultimate escapism. I'm not just playing a game with a linear storyline, I'm living in a world full of people who are as human as me and I can finally feel like a pioneer. Sure this escapist's world tends to involve a lot of teenagers with aspirations to be 'l33t' but make friends with the right people, and there's something truly special about the experience. Aion reminds me of this vision very much."

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