Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty Interview

There will be no shortage of WWII themed shooters released in 2007 but for the upcoming game Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, developers Spark Unlimited and publisher Codemasters have taken that formula and given it a alternate history twist that finds Nazi Germany occuping the US. FiringSquad got a chance to chat with the game's lead designer Robert Berger to find out more about their plans for Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty!

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Dr Pepper4279d ago

This game actually sounds pretty cool. It's good that they are trying to put a new twist on WW2 games. I hope the setting of the game is more than just NY though, the strict city environment seems like it could get repetitive after a while.

THE HIVE MIND4279d ago

yo i have totaly waited for a game like this for a while.
for so long i have yearned to kill a couple hundred (thousand) Jews.
You know cruise around my concentration camps,throwing it up,
spraying the tagged with a little mp40,maybe view a little gas chamber action or just let some k9's out of the bag for lunch.
kidding people,
but serously i want to get my Borat on. that would be sexy.

anyway i love the whole alternate reality, that this game presents.
the fact that its close to proximity makes me hard.


GameJunkieJim4279d ago

I like the twist of Germany winning the European theater.

progx4279d ago (Edited 4279d ago )

Id like to see a console game with a similar premise. I love WW2 but being the allies is getting old. Id like to play as Germany/Japan.