PC Modders Strike Back At Infinity Ward


"As you may be aware, our very own PST*Joker has made assertions on BASH that the MP AC130 and several other MW2 features were influenced (without any recognition) by him and other PC modders.

A few hours ago, I saw a Tweet go out from a community member suggesting that Joker issue a takedown notice of Infinity Ward's AC130 vid on Youtube. "

A modder from the Call of Duty 4 community has contacted Youtube and filed a copyright complaint against the gameplay trailer of Modern Warfare 2 from July 27th. This trailer featured an AC-130 which was part of a COD4 mod called X4 without any credit going to the creator.

Youtube has removed this video from Infinity Ward's official Youtube channel.

Infinity Ward's community manager Robert Bowling has this to say about it: "Really? Copyright infringment claim? :sigh:"

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CrippleH4714d ago

Taste of their own medicine. They have been doing this on youtube videos. Eat that.

evrfighter4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

(edited) pc modding community: "sh*t just got real"

I don't quite understand the claim however need moar info.

LOL at bowling's remark. what a douche.

Noctis Aftermath4714d ago

IW deserve it, and i hope alot more people do things similar to this that p1sses them off.

Torinir4714d ago

@evrfighter The whole claim is that PSTJoker made the AC130 for MW1 in his mod. IW took a number of bits and pieces from his X4 mod and put them into MW2, including the AC130 and tactical nuke.

As to whether the DCMA complaint is 100% golden depends on the EULA of the tools he used to make the mod. Most mod tools provided by the publisher and/or developer usually have the little catch that mods made with the tools are the ultimate property of the pub/dev.

It'll be interesting to see whether IW disputes the DCMA takedown or not.

darkmurder4714d ago

Robert Bowling can kiss my ass, seriously what a knobhead Activision + IW thinks they are invincible, hopefully they'll be the GM of the video game industry.

ChozenWoan4714d ago

Take $5 and pre-order MAG which gets you into the beta. This way you still get your headshot fix, and your improving the FPS genre for all gamers. Dedicated servers with 32-256 players per map, Chain of Command (Only the best can lead an army of 128 stone hardcore killers), multiple missions per match, Command perks similar to MW2 only less... "cheap", and the top scorers wont "ALWAYS!!!" be campers.

Consider it an investment into a real modern warfare game.

The Lazy One4714d ago

Not that I don't find this ammusing, but I have a feeling IW has a little more pull with the people who would hold the original copyright to those things (The US governemt).

I wouldn't be surprised if there was something in the mod agreement saying infinity ward can use whatever they make with it.

Elaine Benes4714d ago

like this matters. lol.
i dont like that there will not be any mods allowed to MW2 on PC, but im not gonna cry about it. Im gonna get Bad Company 2 and enjoy 32v32 and mods. whining gets you no where.

evrfighter4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

"whining gets you no where. "

and paying more for a gimped cod4 does? lol actually it does. It ensures that all of Activisions future pc titles are $10 more.

bend over buddy cuz here comes uncle Bob..When he's done with you. you'll pull out your wallet and hand him all your cash while saying.

"please sir, may I have some more?"

mauleriscool4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

I've had the MAG since closed beta and made a character on each faction level 40. But as soon as you hit level 40, the games gets pretty boring. If they don't allow you to unlock everything under the skill trees, it will limit your gameplay which I disliked.

Elaine Benes4714d ago

you talk about how bad everyone is getting "raped" here, and yet EVERYONE is still going to buy this game.

maybe we like rape, ever think of that? lol. my point is, IW values money over whining----so how would whining fix the problem? You would have to take away thier money(not buy the game) to be effective. But guess what? the whiner are the minority in this, so it will never happen. Its a lost cause, so instead of annoying everyone, just enjoy the game.

evrfighter4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

I can give you almost 200 thousand reasons why your wrong if you'd like.

mw2 is going to be proprietary to steam on the pc and it BARELY made the top 5 top sellers just today.

pc gamers aren't stupid.

The Lazy One4713d ago

it's not out till the 12th on steam. It's pretty impressive that it's in the top 3 days before the release when it's a downloadable game.

Elaine Benes4713d ago

they are prolly buying it on the 360, since IW made it into a "console" game by giving it the same play-parameters. i know a few people who are buying it on 360 b/c its been "gimped" to a console-game level. And guess what? IW is still gonna get there money. you've proven nothing, and instead of "claiming" you can give 200 reason---just give me ONE.

But you cant, and everyone is going to enjoy the game---and even though no one here can prove it, you will prolly be playing it by the end of the week as well.

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Jones Miller4714d ago

I was really laughing my BEEEEP off. That was funny as BEEEP. I love the last part. I have a special mission for you. I will kill you with my own hands and gun if you dont succeed...cancel my preorder LOOOOOOOOOOOL

Pandamobile4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

The guy that filed the copyright claim was present in the podcast when Bowling announced IWNet. He didn't seem very happy about it.

How can IW do this? So many people that work in the games industry came out of the PC mod scene. Just look at DICE, and Valve, and Epic... So many great mods have come from BF2, Half-Life 2 and Unreal Tournament. Now they're just getting pushed aside by IW in order to control the community.

F*cking Infinity Ward...

toaster4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

If I start, I'd just get angry. You won't like PC gamers when they're angry.


LOL exactly what I said.

shopsmartash4714d ago

Brucie was the first thing that popped into my head lol

BldyShdw4714d ago


"why do you have a knife?"
"everyone runs faster with a knife"

Thanks man, made my day

PSN: BldyShdw

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NaiNaiNai4714d ago

After seeing some new stuff from BF:BC2 I'm done with CoD, I actually pulled my money off and paid off BF, It just looks way better. Not to mention it will have more players and a good story that I already like.

silvacrest4714d ago

i agree that it will probably be better (the graphics already look better) but more players? that means it would have to sell more the MW2 which i doubt will happen

dantheman15154714d ago

Why not play both? Be a gamer, not a fanboy. Im going to get both. I love Call of Duty multiplayer, and Bad Company had one of the most fun campaigns I played this generation.

They are completely different gameplay wise anyways. Although they are both FPS, they have nothing in common really.

They can coexist.

And to everyone complaining about the PC game. Shut up! Why do you people feel so entitled? You should be happy that the game is even on the PC. If Activision wasn't involved than this would be a 360 exclusive. Play the game, and enjoy it for what it is, rather than sulk of what you think it should be.

Elvfam5114714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

Whoa whoa whoa

You should be thanking the PC gamers for COD

Yes they can coexist but that's not the point

IW is screwing there fanbase on the pc community

Gamers stand up when they get shafted

People aren't fanboy's because they pick a game over the other

@below who you talking to?

Noctis Aftermath4714d ago

@above: wow your ignorance astounds me. i'm not even going to argue with your flawed logic.

FantasyStar4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

Really, Dan. You missed the point entirely.

This has nothing to do with MW2 anymore. This has everything to do with IW+Activision giving the fans that made them what they are the middle-finger. I'm a reasonable guy: had they only made their game and not said anything else then I could easily walk away and find another game. What makes this personal is how IW goes on record and treats the PC Community like retards that don't know how to handle a server list.

I also noticed you recently made a new account.

dantheman15154714d ago

They don't owe you anything. And how do you know that all the fans feel shafted? There is an answer, they don't. The game's going to sell enormous amounts, and your attempts to revolt against the establishment will fail. The outburst against IW and Activision is the result of a bunch of whiny people, who feel they have personally been wronged.

They could care less about me, you, or anybody else. They make games to make money. End of discussion. Its okay though, because Jesus still loves you regardless.

Nihilism4714d ago

"If Activision wasn't involved than this would be a 360 exclusive."


cod started on pc. i doubt there will ever be a day where a cod game doesn't come to pc.

FantasyStar4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

Yeah, they don't owe us anything. Whatever, I'll just get another game. But you should check my last post as I cannot be more specific at what this is about now.

Also, pessimism doesn't win wars, or get girls to take off their clothes.

free2game3654714d ago

silvacrest he's refering to how many people you can have on a server at once, 18 on PC and consoles for COD vs 24 on consoles and probably 48-64 on the PC for Bad Company 2

toaster4714d ago

Ignorant people....
What Fantasy said is right. It's not just about the game anymore. It's about the gamers. I'm surprised the Xbox and PS3 community isn't up in arms either. They're paying more for less as well. Not as bad as PC gamers though, but consoles get their fair share of ludicrous changes in the game.

SL1M DADDY4714d ago

Really? Are you actually expecting him to thank the PC community for COD? The same community that bought less than 10% of the copies of COD4? The same community that pirated so many copies of the game that the devs even went public with astonishment about it?

You want us to thank the community that would rather steal a copy of a game than pay for it and give back to those they "allegedly" got on their feet to make great games like this in the first place? Oh you take too much credit for this I think...

Here's a thought... Be angry at the pirates and less upset about Infinity Ward protecting their IP. Make sense? Hope so.

dredgewalker4714d ago

Id never thought id see the day that most fanboys agree with one thing. Hell im done with COD, hello BF2!! Its like ditching an expensive and demanding girlfriend, it that easy.

Noctis Aftermath4714d ago

@Elvflam511: sorry man, was aimed at "dantheman1515", +bubs for you as an apology.

The Lazy One4713d ago

you raise a pretty good point. You can't really expect them to be so open with their game when their last one sold less than other platforms and was pirated significantly.

You can blame Infinity Ward all you want, but I'd bet it's the pirate's fault they decided against a more open online system.

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FantasyStar4714d ago (Edited 4714d ago )

I'm "really" surprised that Youtube went and did that. I guess the Youtube's Draconian methods really do contain some laughs for us yet.

Suck it. IW.

EDIT: Oh S***! I've been playing CoD4 PC for some time, and I never knew about X4!

FYI, guys the dude and others really did make the mods before IW decided to take it for their own game. The claim is legitimate!

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