Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII Toriyama/Nomura Interview

In interview from LEVEL magazine the creators of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII have been interviewed.

They speak about story, the next generation of consoles, they touch on the characters. Nomura also speaks of how Final Fantasy Versus XIII is allowing him to create a world which he has been wanting to create but never had the chance to do so before. He is creating characters in a world which could easily be real. Of course the Fantasy is still there but he is keeping a close watch that the characters will remain believable.

He also mentions that this generation isnt all about graphics -- however PS3 has allowed them to do alot in terms of visuals which really enhance the experience. He wants the player to think as though they are not controlling a 3D model, but a creature.

"We're accomplishing things you hardly can manage without the PS3."

Pretty much smashed any multi platform rumors.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4160d ago

that information could be passed on to other less knowledgeable development studios, share the wealth if you well. No multi-platform? :)

_insane_cobra4160d ago

Why not? Even if that was true, ports rarely look identical to the original release.

Xi4160d ago

it'd also be nice if some games started showing that.

novaIS3504160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

Multi platform games with the xbox360 as the lead platform will always look better or on par with the PS3. I work for a Multiplatform developer and we have one of the few multiplat games that looks better on the PS3. The architectures are so have to be focused on the PS3 first if you want to see a game that can't be done on any other system (PC's included). To be honest, the big name developers right now still have not gotten the new development tools from Sony, they are still working on the old PRODG software...which suck. I heard the new EDGE SDK is as good as if not better than MS SDK.

EDIT: I will be honest I am a gamer first, and a Sony fanboy second. Right now the multiplat games are in favor of MS's less intricate hardware. But in the long run we will see the true power of Cell's rendering capabilities as well as it's symbiotic relationship to the RSX.

_insane_cobra4160d ago

Which may very well be true, but might not matter much in the end, as exemplified by recent success stories of Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS, i.e. market dominating platforms that were technologically less advanced then their direct competitors.

Alvadr4160d ago

Sony own quite a bit of Square-Enixs share capital, so I doubt they are going to let FFXIII or Versus go multi. Not a chance.

This game is the reason I bought a PS3 and it will be totally justified.

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kingofps34160d ago

"We're accomplishing things you hardly can manage without the PS3."
This is great to hear coming from Tetsuya Nomura and Mr.Toriyama.

Cartesian3D4160d ago

:((( .. cant wait for those 2 HUGE title..

btkadams4160d ago

i am soooo stoked for versus13. that game sounds nuts. too bad its like 2 years off (realistically). and its nice to hear that they think the game is possible only with ps3

Myth0094160d ago

But i feel we will see FF13 before versus.Since the game is going in a different direction than other tiles,. But im also happy but hearing Square feels the ps3 is a great console.i wish other dev felt the same. Kojima and the guys at square are going to really sell the ps3!!!! MGS4 and Fablua Nova are going to Great.

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The story is too old to be commented.