Level Forty Two Review: Uncharted 2

Nathan Drake is back in an even more epic adventure that includes betrayal, ancient secrets, and women with big sparkly eyes. The original game was an amazing adventure, and though it was flawed, Naughty Dog has taken run-and-gun platforming to the next level with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. But is it worth your hard earned drug money?

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WildArmed4770d ago (Edited 4770d ago )

Nice review.
but this is one thing i dont get
'Nathan Drake is a supposedly good guy, but yet he can kill a couple hundred guys and immediately joke about it?'
So.. how does that make the game bad? Kinda like watching Indiana Jones.. he killed people.. n made jokes.. Doesn't make him less of a Good guy. or does it?

Nate killed people in Uncharted: DF... and never felt bad about it then too lol

Since I havent played U2:AT myself, I'm gonna be looking for those 'arena' type moments again. I was hoping it wouldnt be too heavy as the last game.
remember that church part of the U:DF.. Cant wait to try this game out :)

jammy_704770d ago

let a lone an 8!
the reviewer isnt a gamer..... simple as

WildArmed4769d ago

well try to take it as 4/5 instead of 8/10.
Makes it easier to appreciate the beauty of U2.

RadientFlux4769d ago (Edited 4769d ago )

At least in the sequel the majority of the bad guys are white. So there will be less 'this-game-could-be-possibly-b e-racist' commentaries this time around.

Also I don't see the problem with giving Uncharted2 a 4/5. Everyone has different gaming tastes.

jammy_704769d ago

so if a reviewer hates FPS they give MW2 a 7, or a 6? see thats where you are wrong!
if a reviewer hates a type of game, they have to think if i did like this type of game what wud i score it, not 'o i hate it so 4' see this is what ppl dont get!!!

WildArmed4769d ago

lmfao @ less racist comment. Man reminded me of RE5 for a second

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RadientFlux4769d ago

I've just recently started playing Uncharted 2, over the weekend and it's really good. Still don't know if it will be my GOTY as I have preference for RPGs.