Exclusive: Tekken Trailer Impressions

From November 6, 2009 - IGN Movies is at this week's AFM (American Film Market) in L.A., where the film with the most dominant presence is undoubtedly Tekken, Crystal Sky's live-action adaptation of the Namco videogame franchise. Promotional art work for the film is plastered throughout the trade show's venue at the Santa Monica Loews Hotel, as well as on shuttle buses servicing AFM attendees.

Tekken is directed by Dwight H. Little (Murder at 1600) and stars Luke Goss, Jon Foo, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Gary Daniels, Ian Anthony Dale, Kelly Overton, Cung Le, and Tamlyn Tomita. Alan B. McElroy (Spawn, Wrong Turn, The Marine) wrote the script, which chronicles Jin Kazama's quest for revenge against Tekken Corporation chairman Heihachi Mishima, the man responsible for the death of his mother. The only way for Jin to get close to Mishima is to enter Tekken's Iron Fist tournament.

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NateNater3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

It actually sounds like they did this movie right so far. I don't think it will bomb like other game-to-movie adaptations.