Boycott over Modern Warfare 2 with Steam 'Trojan Horse'

Digital storefronts blacklist Modern Warfare 2 due to Steam 'Trojan Horse'.

"We don't believe games should force the user to install a Trojan Horse," a spokesperson for Direct2Drive told games blog Kotaku. The company's Modern Warfare 2 store page no longer offers pricing or game information.

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Pandamobile3266d ago

All the stuff with Steam was the only good part of that infamous interview with Robert Bowling.

When he said that it would use VAC instead of Punkbuster I almost cried with joy until he announced IWNet. After that I proceeded to cut my wrists.

Anyone who would take SecuROM over Steam is on crack. The game would have likely used SecuROM for DRM if it hadn't been for Steam and it probably would have been the same bullshit as with Spore where after you installed the game x number of times, you had to get a new product code.

OpenGL3266d ago

Steam is much better than SecuRom, or any other form of DRM. In fact, I'd bet that most PC gamers these days run Steam with their non-steam games for the overlay features alone.

toaster3266d ago

It was IW/Activision's choice to use Steam to run their game. Or maybe I'm wrong and Valve wants this, but I see no reason why. Steam already makes bucketloads of money from other publishers and indie devs. They don't have a reason to want MW2 to run through Steam.

Pandamobile3266d ago

Valve made Steamworks as a tool for developers to use for free.

1. VAC is probably the best anti-cheat out there. It's 100x better than Punkbuster at least. Getting kicked from BF2 servers for having an un-signed beta display driver was always fun.

2. Everyone likes achievements, and it's a good way to keep in touch with the community.

3. Stats tracking. TF2 and Left 4 Dead are two games that have a pretty robust stats page, and this becomes available to other developers too.

4. It's just Valve sharing and making Steam better.

Too bad IW is so retarded right now.

RockmanII73266d ago

So wait, MW2 forces you to install a trojan in order to play it? Aren't trojans viruses(I'm really bad with PCs, why do you think I play games on consoles)?

TheIneffableBob3266d ago

Trojan Horse isn't what you think it means. In this case, they're using the non-computer term--what they believe is that Valve is using Modern Warfare 2 to get Steam onto computers. I think that's a stupid reason to not sell a game.

evrfighter3266d ago

"I think that's a stupid reason to not sell a game. "

would Mcdonald's sell Whoppers?

Pixel_Addict3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

is more than just two words to describe a type of virus, it is an anology to describe ANYTHING that pretends to be something in order to gain access to a guarded entity. The origin of the word 'trojan horse' is based on the story of the Greeks who had built a large hollow wooden horse filled with soldiers and offered it as a gift inorder to gain enterence into Troy.

TheIneffableBob3266d ago

evrfighter, it's just a service. It's like how games come with GameSpy or Punkbuster and install them during installation. Those sometimes require registration, too. Modern Warfare 2 comes with Steam.

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itchy183266d ago

lol trojan virus. i hate that virus

Polluted3266d ago

Another day, another reason to pretend like we're all going to boycott MW2. We'll see how successful all these boycotts are come Tuesday, I guess.

I'm thinking it will sell about as well as Halo 3.

Pandamobile3266d ago

Wait til the PC sales charts come in. I doubt Activision will be happy :)

Elvfam5113266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )


Most Console gamers don't care so yeah

Most of the sales are going be to on the consoles

evrfighter3266d ago

pre-loading is already available on steam and its STILL not in the top 5...

pc gamers lead the way. Console gamers follow the carrot on a stick. Even if it takes em off a cliff.

RockmanII73266d ago

Since CoD4 is the second highest selling game this gen (behind GTA4), I think this will probably sell more than any other game (Halo 3 is 3rd highest selling game, but still millions behind CoD4/GTA4).

ReservoirDog3163266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

I'm not pretending anything. I'm putting my morals before my enjoyment and buying this game used.

How hard is that really? Just, don't. Your enjoyment doesn't always need to be your top priority. Just, buy it used.

edit: Disagrees...

So everyone should buy this game even though we all know the obvious repercussions that will happen if this game succeeds? Yup, cause it makes you happy right? Some people need to take a step back and look at the big picture.

Question after reading the article: Was it activision or valve that did this?

BWS19823266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

I agree Reservoir, and that's why I'm holding off, and some people keep asking "why, what happened?" I meant it months ago when I said I'm not getting it anywhere near launch. Best case scenario is I get it in the new year when it's on sale or I find a bargain online, I've got plenty to game with till then.

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Pandamobile3266d ago

It's not actually a trojan... IGN's just claiming Steam is because it's their biggest competitor.

Pixel_Addict3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

for them not to carry the game. Steamworks is a type of 'trojan horse'. It uses games to install itself on people computers for the purpose of monitoring and controlling specific content on your computer. It is not a malicious attack on your PC, but it is still a way to imbed a program without the user clearly understanding what it is or what it does, and at time most people are unaware its even installed.

I don't care for steam for many reasons. There are several times after having installed Steam the program would recognize other games I had purchased at a brick and mortar store. Why does steam have access to those games? I never added them to my steam account, but there they were listed on my Steam account. That makes me a bit suspicious about the future intentions of such a program.

Pandamobile3266d ago

There's more than Valve games using Steam. Dawn of War II does, and a few other games (all of which are on D2D). It's just the competition that's bugging them.

Pixel_Addict3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

you have completely missed my point. I did NOT choose to involve Steam to any of my other games. I bought it for the purpose of buying Valve products like L4D or HL2. Infact you are right. I bought Dawn of War 2 and it showed up on my Steam account. I had never gone online for it or verified it through Steam, yet Steam/Valve took it upon themselves to assimilate the game I had purchased separately.

I hate Steam. It's slow to update and it's impossible to get games to (many times) work off-line and so on. Of coarse that is just my opinion. Steam should NOT be tracking or collecting info of what I play. It's a fancy DRM in disguise and if you think people aren't playing Valve games without Steam then you are in the dark.

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