Fable III to Follow Fable II's Footsteps with Episodic Content

Xbox LifeStyle writes:

"Fable II, along with being a full retail release, is available in the form of episodic content which is downloadable via Xbox Live. Now, Peter Molyneux, head-honcho of Lionhead Studios is hinting at Fable III getting the same treatment…"

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T3mpr1x3267d ago

I guess that's okay, so long as the full game is still available for purchase.

RockmanII73267d ago

I heard Fable 2 episodes were done very poorly. Hope it's better in 3.

Xi3267d ago

I think fable has a very good opportunity to encompass more then one genre. A fable MMO would be a very interesting concept, especially if they decided to develop a large environment and group mechanics to cause evens to change from one realm to the next, eg, if one realm had a higher population of 'good' players the enviroment/quests/npcs would be completely different then a realm with a higher population of 'evil' players.

RockmanII73267d ago

If they do another Waypoint, I think it will be CoD. 1 - It's the second most popular game on the 360 (behind Halo) and 2 - It's multiplat, so a waypoint could get people to buy the 360 version over the PS3 version. Behind CoD, I see a Gears Waypoint.