Console Monster: Tekken 6 Review

Console Monster writes: "It has felt a little weird playing Tekken back on a console again. The last version I touched was the 3rd instalment back in the day, since then only touching the arcade versions. Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, based off of the 2 year old arcade version of Tekken 6, still has that same old Tekken feeling. Hard hitting battles and an ever growing selection of ridiculous characters to choose from, you'd think the game was losing its charm by now. There isn't something quite right about this version though, let me tell you about it."

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Homicide3268d ago

I agree with this review. The scenario mode is terrible - the camera sucks, controlling your character is a pain in the ass and it's extremely repetitive. It would've been better if you could control the camera or if your character didn't automatically locked on to an enemy. Too bad you have to play this to unlock characters on the arena mode.