Game Adverts: Do They Work On You?

With the holiday season fast approaching, publishers are on the attack with their latest games. With trailers, reviews and information being released every second, the publishers are trying to squeeze every last bit of attention their game can get for when it's finally released. Of course, the most amount of exposure will come from adverts. Be it on the TV, radio, in a magazine or through a website, the publishers are hoping that it will convince vast amounts of people to buy their product(s).

Publishers dedicate a huge amount of their budget for a game to their advertising, so the question is, does it work? Have you even been watching TV when an ad appears and it actually encourages you to go out and buy the game? Or have you seen the score next to a game in the advert and decided to rely on that for your purchase?

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Smash Daddy3293d ago

I remember the OoT ad like it was ten years ago. ;)

Saaking3293d ago

No, ads should never convince you to buy anything. They should convince to check out whatever is being advertised and THEN purchase it or pass on it. There's way too many uninformed customers out there that go by how cool an ad is.

NotoriousWarrior3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

i think they are aimed at people that don't go online to see what games are out and whats coming. In N4G allot of people would have already decided what they want and will buy it. online adverts work but only to a minority of the people as some can miss some games.

the adverts are aimed at people that don't research games and just buy games they see on TV or store. There are allot of those people and adverts will help reach them and thats the purpose of advertising.

The reason Wii sold well was due to adverts.