Million Zunes? – Not Yet…

Yesterday's media reports of a million Zune's sold are proving to be a bit premature. Several major gadget blogs and even TG Daily reported that Microsoft has exceeded expectations by selling over a million units of its Zune media player. Well if you listen to the actual interview done by the San Francisco Chronicle, you will learn that Microsoft's Robbie Bach actually meant that it will sell one million players.

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ITR4162d ago

I guess it won't happen until the end of June then.

DJ4162d ago

with a Zune, so the "we sold a million" statement caught me off guard. New info stating that it hasn't hit that number yet makes a lot more sense. The fact that Microsoft has been pretty shady with their sales figures and presentation of those figures (i.e. sold to retail is all they choose to disclose) doesn't help much in this matter. I see a lot of Zune packages sitting around Gamestop, but no one seems too interested. Maybe they should focus their advertising somewhere else.

snoop_dizzle4162d ago

and the ones that have it have said they loved it and were previous i-pod owners.

I had a look at it and i like it alot more than the i-pod, but i still prefer the zen vision M. It has got excellent reviews and has won awards, and it supports wma files.

ITR4162d ago

I know a few folks with Zunes, but most of them didn't ever own an iPod before hand.

I tried it, but I didn't like it. I guess I expected it to work like an iPod.
I like the wheel to much on the iPod, I guess.
I did like the digital tuner, but all of our radio stations suck here except for sports radio.

I currently use my iPod as a backup drive and music player.

Firewire4162d ago

who cares it'll never catch the ipod!

neogeo4162d ago

is zune better then ipod? i have been hearing that alot

omansteveo4162d ago

I honestly can say i like it alot better it easier to use i wasnt a huge fan of the click wheel but its alot more durable pretty much doesnt scratch and the screen is alot bigger um its not as thin though but ts not huge by any means either

XxZxX4162d ago

It's hard to be a fashion trend. Ipod is simply too big to dethrone. If anything, Microsoft should looks at how to kick Creative out of the market than kicking Apple. Creative had their chances but they were too focusing on features than looks. Geeks dig it, but mainstream prefer to go for the looks and even pay more for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.