NZGamer: Dragon Age: Origins (PC) Review

BioWare's legendary expertise in the realms of expansive, immersive RPGs is in no question. Their back catalog is a pantheon of PC classics spanning multiple genres and a variety of settings. Despite their recent critical (and commercial) success in the realms of Sci-Fi, a lot of fans have been hoping they'd return to their roots and craft another epic fantasy role playing game. The wait is over, for Dragon Age is here.

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monstrado3267d ago

Absolutely phenomenal game that really immerses the user into the lore of their hero...I recommend this game to anybody who is a fan of these type of RPG games.

champ213267d ago

strong contender for GOTY.

GOTY for me atleast.

Nihilism3267d ago

It is a great game, i loved it at first, then had a lull, now i'm playing it again, I think it was just the fact that i played it for more than 20hrs over 2 days....but that just speaks for how good it is. I haven't grinded like that in a long time, it was worth it...I think.

P.S can someone P.M me if they know how to get the reaver specialisation, or how to unlock the blood mage specialisation. As always i play the 'good guy' so i may have missed the plot points for it. But the other specialisation tomes just showed up put of nowhere

kraze073267d ago

I'm still waiting on my copy. Pre-ordered the collector's edition off amazon and it shipped a week before the release date and I still haven't received it yet. Living overseas can be a real pain in the a$$ sometimes.