HD DVD rebate promotion a success?

Toshiba is claiming that "player sales are up 5-10 times higher than before" and at least the one retailer that shares its data confirms this.

In fact over the weekend the HD-A2 was rated the number 1 selling DVD player on Amazon - no, not just in the HD category, but in all DVD players.

While this is great and all, Engadget are not sure how this is going to affect the overall outcome of the format war, but one thing is for sure, this holiday season is going to be very interesting for HD fans.

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ITR4746d ago

I actually went to look for one, but hhgregg had already sold them all by that afternoon.

kewlkat0074745d ago

Movie Enthusiast are really waiting for the cheaper HD player this holiday? If these players sell great at $300..makes me wonder

Bloodmask4745d ago

dollars is definately a fair price......especially since at launch it was double that price. I definately think Toshiba will have great Holiday sales if they keep that rebate consistant, as the cheapest Bluray player is 600 obviously.

ITR4745d ago

Not fathers day only??

I just saw a commercial on SciFi channel for the same Toshiba player for $299.
So maybe this is an on going rebate??

I'd like to know!

gh0st14924745d ago

The promo should be running till June 16th. However, From the 10th to the 16th, the rebate should be available on all of there model (A2, A20, and XA2) bring the prices to $299, $399, and $699 respectivley. Coup-le this with Best Buys promo, where you save an extra off if you purchase one with a TV $1000 and up, and that turns into $199, $299, and $599. At that price, I'm hoping Fox and Disney take notice, cause they are miaing out on some consumer swho are gonne want.....NEED movies in HD soon!!

ITR4745d ago

Cool deal.

I have a feeling Fox could do both formats.
(I know GL wants to hit the biggest audience for SW and just one format won't do it for him)

Disney will go wherever Apple goes. If Apple supports both then Disney will probably do that too.

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The story is too old to be commented.