Sony explains why PSOne Classics have no set release dates

Examiner: 'Ever since Sony announced PSOne Classics for the PSP and Playstation 3, new releases have been inconsistent and often appear suddenly without any prior announcements. Grace Chen, Senior Manager of the PlayStation Store, explain why this is the case on the comment section of the Playstation.Blog:'

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sinncross3293d ago

Licensing is a massive reason for the shortage of PS1Classics for Europe, I assume.

Since for something to be Ok'd for the European PSN, it has to be Ok'd for each country and in some cases, PS1 games were published more then one publisher in Europe depending on the country.

Pity, but understandable. Hopefully this doesn't mean that PS2 games on the PSN, when they do eventfully arrive, will take this long to materialise

Knightrid8083293d ago

You nailed it.

Its annoying when you see people who don't understand this b!tching at Sony for not bringing the games on the Playstation store. If anything, they should be doing that to the publishers themselves.

Bathyj3293d ago

Whats even more annoying is that Australia gets lumped in with Europe and misses out because of your problems.

Bloody hell, its enough to turn a man to drink.

And spare a thought for NZ, Australias Canada, you just know they get it even worse.

ReservoirDog3163293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

I just want FF VIII. Is that so much to ask?

I don't care if sony, the publisher, ms, nintendo or the ghost of hitler is the reason why I don't have it. I just really want it.

ReviewsArePolitics3293d ago

"Its annoying when you see people who don't understand this b!tching at Sony for not bringing the games on the Playstation store"

Uh, it's Sony's responsibility to make their PSN service more appealing to people, and to convince third parties. It may be Sony's fault that third parties are not as interested in supporting PS1 downloads right now. Either way, everyone has to pressure Sony AND the third party publishers, but Sony has to actively make their service better. If third parties don't want to sell on PSN yet, they may have a good reason and in the end it's Sony who has to allow it to happen because its their service.

Whitefox7893293d ago

It just got released to the Japanese PSN so we should be seeing it soon.

Unless they have it on the front page as advertisement instead of featured content.

SaiyanFury3293d ago

Yeah Sony recently released FFVIII on the Japanese PS Store. They also released FF Tactics on the PS store and it came out on the US Store about a month later. We can hope.

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table3293d ago

I stick with the hard copies anyway. That way they will be valuable in 10 - 15 years.

Sprudling3293d ago

Most likely not if that particular game can simply be downloaded from PSN instead :]

Whitefox7893293d ago

I actually just bought a copy of Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen; Case, Instruction Manual, Cover Art, and of course CD all for $25 instead of just downloading it off the PSN for $6

DaTruth3293d ago

I can't play hard copies on my PSP, where I do a majority of my PSone classics playing! That is why I'm looking for Tenchu 1 on PSN, even though I have the hard copy!

That game has the perfect format for portable gameplaying!

Carl14123293d ago

What i don't understand, is that...

If the rights have been all sorted out, and the game has been released on the US store, why can't it be released on the EU stores? Surely if all the rights are agreed upon in one market, they're agreed upon worldwide? It's not as if there are different voice actors etc between the US/EU


Different rights. What may be just one company in the US is multiple in Europe. Plus it has to get rerated by Pegi just like the US has to get their games rerated by the ESRB.

Erich Rhoemer3293d ago

they need to put mgs 1 on the european psn store asap

XXXCouture3293d ago

im pretty sure theyre working on it

Cajun Chicken3293d ago

Also still don't have Crash 2 but do have Crash 1, Crash 3 and CTR. Any REASON for THIS Sony?!?

NecrumSlavery3293d ago

I haven't really seen the reason they haven't just dumped the entire PS One library into the store. Even japan gets classics 5-10 at a time.

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