Gamestyle: Gran Turismo (PSP) Review

It's taken 5 years to arrive, but Gran Turismo PSP has finally been released. It heralds the launch of the PSP Go, and with so much riding on it, can the game hold up the weight of expectation?

GT PSP is a game about choices. Before you even play the game, you have to choose which version to buy; will you opt for the more expensive, but faster loading download version, or will you go for the cheaper, but noisier UMD version. Once in the game, you get to choose from over 800 cars, and 35 tracks. Once you've selected the track and vehicle of choice, you'll then have to choose between a plethora of tweaks and changes to make in order to tune it to perfection. To get so much content into the game is an impressive feat, but all this choice comes at a cost.

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