Reality Check: Launch Performance of Current Consoles

Courtesy of VGCharts Sony Protection Group have the above graph which shows life time to date consoles sales for the PS3, Wii and Xbox360. The launch dates have been aligned for a clearer comparison. While there is no doubt that the Wii is selling like gang busters they think SONY fans can feel assured that the system that has 'had a rough start' and 'has no games' seems at pretty much the exact pace that its main competition did at launch.

As with all Reality Check posts, they will re visit this in a few months.

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snoop_dizzle4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

that vg charts is unreliable, is this true or is there a more valid site?

Please tell me, I'd like to know.

ITR4756d ago

They are more relaible then anything else.
They currently do internal checks to see how far their off from the NPD est.
But even the NPD est. are off since they don't include Wal-Mart.

As it stands the PS3 is on the same path as the 360 or at least near it.
The Wii is on it's own path.

neogeo4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

Americans are not faithful to each other or any stupid brand name
Sure Japan will buy mostly there own products. When did Americans give a hoot about a brand name? unless there stock was in it. I bet bill gates has a Sony LCD tv somewhere in his pad. He buys it because it happens to be the best at the time he decided to buy a TV. If the next great line of Car stereos are made by a company named Craphole, Americans will all bump Craphole branded stereos all though your neighborhoods.

TheMART4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

Can anyone tell me WTF this is, that I just found in my inbox on this website?

"1 hour ago | By: huntersville

for all of you that say that my post is stupid or i dont know what im talking about, well we'll see when my post is prooven true, then what and where will your post to counter my post stand, you post so many things to counter me and the thing is i have countless sources, and i do my studies, as i have said i am partially with ibm, and i know what the cell is more than you, if your pc cpu and gpus are so much more powerful than ps3, then why arent they state of the art, and why arent they being used in medical research, i can almost guarantee you have no answer, you sound so confident in your counter posts, the sad thing is that none of your counters make sense or are true, you know why? because all of you post to counter my post, but all of your counter posts are different, but mine remain the same, you say glitches of ware didnt max out the 180, but sadly i have so many facts of why the game did max out the 180, you say that dx10 is so great, but the truth is that it wont dread water against what ps3 has in store, you say the ps3 dont have 9 processors, but there is a ps3 commercial that even says the 9 processors, and it is from play B3yond, you say that the ps3 isnt a supercomputer, you are right, in a way that is, it aint it is greater than a supercomputer, weather you like it or not the cell is a supercomputer, processors in a cluster make up what is known as a supercomputer, and who ever said that the 180 has processors, they are cores, cores and processors are completely different, as a matter o fact the processors contain cores, if you didnt already know, and you also tell me that the ps3 didnt cost sony 40 billion, well just go have a look at wikipedia, and youll see that the machine cost sony well over 40 billion, i feel so sorry for you posting all of this, because the truth is that you are putting many industries in diar injury, it is dangerous making statements with no proof, and then when the segment of industry that i defend shows you that the machine is what i have stated, then what will that leave for your defense, you will leave your segment of market in great pain, because believe me people are looking at these posts, weather they be consumers, or fans of one particular section of industry, now they are looking forward to the ps3 being weak as you say, they are looking forward to seeing the 180 put out better graphics than the ps3, they are looking forward to in 2 to 15 and even further along than that for games to look so so great compared to ps3 on your pc with your dx10, they are looking forward to killzone 2 looking not as good as crysis, and glitches of ware, they are looking forward to ps3 not delivering cgi and b3yond cgi graphics in game, the difference with me and you is that i have sources that i have studied even before ps3 came out, and i know my machine very well, but you my friends are in a serious bind with your knowledge, you think you know it all but you know extremely little, so sorry for you when e3 comes and all of you look stupid, and then i will tell you that the specs of the ps3 dont really matter, the cell enables cgi graphics that you are so fond of speaking of, and you speak of the rsx being whatever that gpu is that you speak of, you know people are looking forward to your posts that you say it is a "g71" or a "7800 series vid card", but wait a minute, your contradicting yourselves on that because those are two totally different graphics units, im right am i not, well this goes back to what i said about you all using different stuff and not sticking to one point of facts such as i do, your posts are nothing but meth-influenced opinions, i sometimes wonder who pays you, but whoever does you are going to be very happy because they ripped therselves off, asking you all to post bullsh1t about ps3, you pc people always post sh1t about that lame azz dx10, is that truely all you can throw at me, that sh1t as i have said is not impressive, not compared to the things tha"

THen it stopped. I have no idea, but PC gamer??? I only use the 360 for gaming. Anyone that knows he might be talking to you. I thought it was a good laugh, no interpunction used

Huntersville, if this is the average PS3 user, God be with ya all. You will need it

@ snoop_dizzle (below)

I can't even remember I've reacted on his posts, because they're all like this. Unreadable with no facts or anything usefull in general.

Guess he's sending this out to a lot of persons on this site, if not ALL of us ;-)

@ Virtualgamer (below)

Too bad dude, Dusty or any other mod don't take action anymore then maybe setting someone on one bubble. I don't mind either, because it gave me a laugh and I think it's not meant for me as he is clearly talking to a PC gamer haha

snoop_dizzle4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

well if you are having issues with him, he does seem quite obsessive, block him.

I'm not even going argue if hes right or wrong, but gosh, some people get a little too defensive.

FadeToBlack4756d ago

I honestly coulden't put myself through the pain of reading that entire mess.

neogeo4756d ago

that dude is just plain NUTS!

MetalProxy4756d ago

Mart has something to say?... Check your self in mart you need help.

VirtualGamer4756d ago

I think him and huntersville are the same person as they post in the exact same manner. He accused me of being a Xbot for posting in the PS3 forums how I thought nothing could could stop Halo 3 from being a huge hit. When I explained that I was actually a big PS3 fan he just spammed me with some more crap about how Killzone 2 will be better then the CGI shown at E3 2005 because its a super computer.

Please don't try and suggest that he is the average PS3 user. He is no more the average PS3 own then you are the average 360 owner. :) In any event send a PM to Dusty and he will take action.

4756d ago
snoop_dizzle4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

but it really sounds like huntersville.

I mean if TheMart wanted to fake it, he would do this at a different time. Or he would PM people.

But you're probably joking.

Anyways VirtualGamer i have noticed as well that kevin and huntersville stuff do seem very similar.

4756d ago
Bloodmask4756d ago

that I also received that disturbing Email......and then shortly afterwards I was missing a bubble. Coincidence? I think not

GameJunkieJim4756d ago

I just blocked him, he seemed to have no idea what he was talking about.

I mean, IBM makes the processor for the PS3, 360 AND Wii.

snoop_dizzle4756d ago

positive feedback for you then(it might not give you a bubble back but it might.)

If your going to lose a bubble, it should be done fairly.

But yeah this kid really must take things personally.

I'm not going to block him unless he does something to me though.

NewZealander4756d ago

i got that [email protected] too
hes in defence mode trying to make out the ps3 is a god or somthing, i think he has mental problems, he usually goes by kevin

TheMART4755d ago

Hah it's fun, I replied he should go back to school to learn some proper English, and I got a new reply! There we go again!

"New Reply:
6 hours ago | By: huntersville

moron huh, well i am probably much older than you, my post hurt, because no one wants to hear the truth, that is why you bring up lame things that other pc, and 180 fans bring up like grammar, do you truely think when im typing on a fourum, attempting to teach short-minded individuals such as yourself the truth about the ps3 and how you post info from, yeah i looked up most info that you all find, and it is on that site, there is nothing about my posts that is stupid, and my grammar isnt availible by "12" year olds, well unless the "12" year olds in japan are the ones you speak of, they are the only ones with a vocabulary on my level, now please do meth like usual"

I feel sorry for him. No one wants to hear the truth. It's like he says: "No I am not the weirdo, the rest of the world is! You're all against me! You all think I am crazy, but I am the only one that is still sane!"

Right Huntersville/Kevin...

InMyOpinion4755d ago

@TheMart - This Huntersville dude seems to have the makings of a school shooter.

gta_cb4755d ago

i just think that everyone who has been spammed by this user should PM Dusty, also he does some like a complete pr!ck.

and yeh it its funny but yeh could be true... some of the things he comes out with are just weird, oh and i couldnt read all of TheMARTs first comment as it was to long lol.

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PS360WII4756d ago

The only true to date info we can ever achieve for units sold would be from the companies themselves. vgcharts, consolewar, etc only can give us estimates

ITR4756d ago

VGcharts is only about 15-18% off the actual figures or avg.
They are pretty darn close to the NPD figures and that doesn't even include Wally World..which is 40% of the retail market.

Xi4756d ago

the sony protection group site sucks.

kspraydad4756d ago

How does a graph generated by a third party reflect poorly on the Sony Protection Group site. At least try to have some intelligence in your commentary.

Xi4756d ago

it sucks because everything posted on this site is fanboy bullshit, and I think all of the articles on N4G posted off the site have started flame wars.

nobizlikesnowbiz4755d ago

The absolute worst excuse of a news site. The whole thing is a giant cesspool of Sony fanboys doing the circle jerk. Anything that comes from that site has the stench of fanboys.

Not saying teamxbox is any better though. Just saying nothing that comes from either is news.

gta_cb4755d ago

is there a MS protection group?

not taking the p!ss, seriously woundering as i had never heard of this Sony protection group untill i had read recent news.

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SmokeyMcBear4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

that is what has been said all along, the ps3 sales are mirroring the 360 sales with respect to when the sytem launched... and this with the 360 having absolutely no competition, and the ps3 going up against the crazyness of the wii, the 360 and the supposed killer lineup of games, and the life of the ps2 with games still coming out such as GOW2. Let all the FUD be washed away.


oh yeah forgot about that, so i guess its a wash then, 360's shortage after launch, and ps3 not in the biggest market of all until about 2 months ago. even steven

ITR4756d ago

The Xbox 360 was in short supply for approx 6 months.
If it was like the Wii it probably would've sold more in those first few months.

PS3 has a good supply and only saw a shortage in the first month or so.

I figure thats what most Xbox owners will say.

Grown Folks Talk4756d ago

you are correct. i was a manager at gamestop when the 360 released. they weren't readily available until april/may of 06. if they would have had sony's supply, they would have made a killing. people were constantly looking for them, but they were always out of stock. now that you can get 1 at any time, the demand isn't as high. microsoft really wasted an opportunity by having such limited stock at launch.

MetalProxy4756d ago

6 months? I would maybe say two months and who wants to remember there half ass effert to supply the market.

VirtualGamer4756d ago

But regardless of what the reasons are the reality is they both sold about the same amount of units 5 to 6 months out from launch. The big question is how well will the PS3 sell from here to the end of the year? Will it keep pace with what the 360 did, or be more or less? That's why many feel its best to wait until after this holiday season to really have a good idea as to how all 3 consoles are doing.

San anto4756d ago

ye but ur fogettin that the ps3 has only been available in europe for 2 months whilst the 360 was available pretty much world wide from launch.

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