Nintendo Stole a Super Mario Theme from 6 years ealier?

Warning: this is very old news, but to some of you it may be new. I found this while trying to download some mario ringtones.

In light of the upcoming Hollywood Bowl "Video Games Live" I like to bring up a subject that's been bothering me for some time now.

I'm a LP record digger. I love finding obscure stuff, even well past my DJing/sampling years. I feel like I'm finding a lost piece of time whenever I find some oddity I enjoy. You know that feeling you pride yourself in, when you "discovery" a band, and you find comfort that this band's following is a tiny elite. An Elite that shakes their heads in shame at all the outsiders. I top that feeling by trying to find records who's fans have long since come and gone, maybe even deceased, and now I… am the only fan. It may not be true, but who cares, let me hold on to this feeling for a tiny moment.

A while back, while digging through LA's now closed Aaron's Records, I ran across a Record from "Friendship", and I recognized the bassists name, "Abraham Laboriel". I remembered a buddy of mine telling me that Abe was a "sick bassist", and at 99 cents, i couldn't resist. So I bring my loot home, and pop it on my technics. The very first track I played is called "The Real Thing". I was instantly floored. I couldn't believe my ears. I was listening to a funked out version of Super Mario Brothers "Underworld" theme.

I flipped the album cover over to find out when this record was released, and why Friendship would cover a Super Mario Bros theme.

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sticky doja4754d ago

That is definatly the Mario underworld theme and if the truth of the band making the song first I am sure they knew about it and have already been payed their dues.

ITR4754d ago

Only the bass part sounds like the SM theme.

I know Donkey Kong theme came about in 1980.
So I'm guessing SM theme came about around 82-84?

danny desolation4751d ago

Only three of the notes are the, Nintendo didn't steal anything. Also, if you have ever played funk bass (I have, I've been playin' bass for 12 years) that progression is pretty generic, It's in almost every funk song I've ever heard. It's a simple walk with the octaves thrown in. I'm sure the band doesn't care, cuz there is nothing they can legally do about it.