As more people play, advertisers devise game plan

Marketers are scrambling to be players in the world of video game advertising. A growing army of game fans and new game advertising options are making games increasingly attractive. Marketers spent about $80 million in 2005 on game advertising - from product placement in games to sponsoring gaming events - according to research firm Parks Associates. By comparison, the value of all media product placement in 2005 was about $3.5 billion, estimates marketing researcher PQ Media. Parks projects game ad spending will top $400 million by 2009.

About 75% of U.S. Internet users spend at least an hour a month playing games, according to Parks. About 27% average 30 hours a month.

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specialguest5799d ago (Edited 5799d ago )

i like this idea of advertizing in video games, as long as it's done in a noninvasive manor. among other benefits, this could mean lowering cost of production.

aside from that, i think it also adds a certain realism to certain games like racing games. instead of generic or fake ads in the game, they can use real ads just like in real-life as you're driving through the city.

i can also see how this advertizement in video games can be abused too. the responsibility lies within the video game company to set rules and regulations on what's acceptable and what's not.