Does Modern Warfare 2 Deserve all the Hype?

With only a couple of days left until release, does Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 break new records of being the most anticipated game of the past 2 years.

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Cmen3264d ago

Yes it does. Great game...before you disagree you to beat it first like I did.

Pandamobile3264d ago

No. There are much better shooters than the COD series. Call of Duty has garnered the "Halo" effect over the last few years where simply putting the Call of Duty name on something will guarantee it millions of sales.

Anon19743264d ago

But that doesn't mean that the hype of this game is undeserved. COD4 was a monster. The gameplay was fast and addictive, the single player was brief but, in my opinion, one of the best FPS single player campaigns I'd ever experienced. It's a fair assumption that the sequel would be eagerly anticipated.

Infinity Ward have proven themselves time and time again to have what it takes. When Call of Duty first came it delivered a much more intense shooter then the Medal of Honor series which was the dominant WW2 series up until that point. Call of Duty 2 raised the bar yet again - and this time added a super addictive mulitplayer that catered to the FPS crowd while still remaining accessible to new gamers, something FPS on the PC struggled with. Then COD4 took the same intensity, the same addictive multiplayer and successfully translated into a modern setting.

Infinity Ward has delivered for the past 6 years and expect them to continue their fine efforts in this newest titles. Can't wait to pick mine up on Tuesday! See you all on the PSN! ID is DarkrideHex66

GWAVE3264d ago

I have to say, "No".

It's more of the same. It isn't pushing gameplay, graphics, storyline, or physics. Worse yet, Activision has been acting mighty arrogant lately, and I think the final quality of MW2 is going to be a bit lazy because of that.

4Sh0w3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

"No. There are much better shooters than the COD series."

Well, Pandamobile like I said that all depends on who you ask, I personally think COD4 was my second favorite shooter this gen, I'm talking consoles only, I don't play PC anymore. I think for alot of people like me who still love COD4 vs World at War and plenty other shooters, MW definitely deserves the hype, I also disagree with GWAVE I think the game looks awesome compared to any game on any console this gen, its also has alot new weapons and features different from COD4, probably the only thing I find dissapointing is that its possibly too short. BTW, I was really surprised at the latest vids I sad from Battlefield Bad Company 2, that game might look even a little better than MW although I still prefer MW's style of gameplay, its just jaw dropping what some of these devs are doing with graphics on these consoles.

evrfighter3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

I agree with Panda but to add. Call Of Duty is unlike Halo in that it's just a short term investment. Can you really see Call of Duty dominating 2-3 years from now?

I mean every year theres going to be a new CoD. IW will stick to the MW, MW2 formula in that it's going to be just new features, new weapons, and new maps. "Why fix something that aint broken" as you CoD lovers said.

While on the other side of the of fps yard. DICE has already announced BF3 and that it's going to be running on a DX11 optimized Frostbite 2.0 engine. BC2 isn't even on Frostbite 2.0 and look how it destroys MW2 gameplay, visual, AND audio wise...They are already leaving IW in the dust in terms of technical advancements. Who's going to want to play CoD when Frostbite 2.0 debuts with Battlefield 3? If I had to call it. My guess is DICE is gunning for a Nov 2011 BF3 release so that it directly competes with IW's next game.

If they stick to this formula IW is setting themselves up for failure.

SL1M DADDY3264d ago

Has Modern Warfare been one of the most played online game for the past two years running? Yes? Ok then, I guess it does deserve the hype.

presto7173264d ago

Why are people acting as if it is the end of the world?

PtRoLLFacE3264d ago

no it doesnt, is basicly the same as cod4 with upgraded weapons that's all

silvacrest3264d ago

more like jesus christs resurrection then the end of the world

peeps3264d ago

"No. There are much better shooters than the COD series. Call of Duty has garnered the "Halo" effect over the last few years where simply putting the Call of Duty name on something will guarantee it millions of sales."

i still think it deserves the hype but you are right about the 'halo' effect. it's amazing how far the COD series has come tbh, i remember being wowed when i first played COD due to the way u were 1 soldier in a big war unlike the 1 man super soldier of the MoH series. times have changed tho and it's easy to see that the games have progressively tried to appear to more and more ppl.

mw2 is so so so different to the original game and altho it's gathered a massive audience i wonder how the original fans of the series feel about it now

flash743263d ago

These comments crack me up, like "There are much better shooters than COD series". Really? Start naming them. COD4 was much better than any other FPS on any console when released. MW2 is going to trounce everything currently available, (yes that means you KZ2 and Halo). It will be interesting to see Bad Company 2 next year, but to be honest, the first one was fairly mediocre.

Then, you have the old, "It's just Modern Warfare with some improvements". What part of "if it ain't broke don't fix it" do these people not get? To take a boderline multiplayer masterpiece and just improve it with new weapons, perks, game types, etc., is all I would expect them to do. If you applied that line of thinking, wouldn't that go for every good game we've seen lately? Uncharted 2 is an upgraded Uncharted, Bioshock 2 is an upgraded Bioshock, so-on and so-forth. This statement has to be one of the most played out and idiotic things being said on this forum.

For all the people trying to down this game, keep one thing in mind, you are very much in the minority. You may get some support on this site since there are so many idiots that choose to post here, but you don't have much support in the over-all gaming community. That will be made extremely evident when the sales figures start rolling in, and you check how many people are online playing MW2 by this time next week.

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reintype3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

I always felt that COD and Halo, are like the Britney Spears and Boybands of shooters.

PS3ROCKS3264d ago


Redempteur3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

No i'm busy with uncharted so might play MW2 black or GOTY edition ( with all th dlc maps [used copy]) sometimes in 2010 or 2011..i don't think MW2 is a MUST-HAVE title anyway ...

CyberCam3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

that it always gets a free pass no matter how generic it is, other games get dinged in reviews for not being innovative enough, but reviewers & gamers most times give COD a free pass!

Gametrailers is one of the worst... subtracting points for the game not being innovative, it ended up with a 9.3. Meanwhile, I would almost beat my left nut that MW2 will not have the same fate and receive at least a 9.5.

While the COD series is good and did bring a few new things to the FPS genre.. the main reason why it was so popular was because it was accessible to just about anyone (I've seen a 5 year play it with some success). Some of the reviews it gets are a slap in the face to other developers that attempt take gaming to the next level, but don't get the deserved recognition.

The thing is COD4 came out at a time when it practically had no competition (only Halo 3 really) and the next gen consoles were in their infancy. Since then, many games have come out that IMO have surpassed COD4, but people still hail it as the king of all games?

DonCorneo3264d ago

just like failo.

tweens love it

just like how they love twilight and the jonas bros.

Sitris3264d ago

Except it's most likely played by people much older than what you described.
The instant you use things like 'failo' your opinion becomes crap, pure fanboy sh*t, besides things like twilight and jonas exist because it appeals to MILLIONS of people, and is that so wrong? No, people like what they like, you dislike Halo (or maybe your bad at both Halo and Cod and your doing damage control).

Fanboys are the reason this generation is being crap, let good games be good games. At some point games where about fun, not about the graphics, or the 'formula'.

PSN ID: Sitris

MrCrabPuss3264d ago

Destructable environments yet? nope. Did that rpg put a dent into that grass hut? NO?! Thats pretty weak and pretty last-gen. Looks pretty but thats about it. No innovation at all. Just sheep riding the same old COD wave ala Halo.

On an unrelated note....Online with "LIVE" is where its at you say? Sure if you like dealing with a bunch of foul mouthed racist liitle bastard cheating kids calling you a FVCKING G*Y NI**ER JEW C*NT CH*NK every few seconds...or listening to how "gangsta" everyone is with their sh!tty generic rap thats making them feel all tough these days.

Im saving my cash for BFBC2. Rather give my cash to a (in my opinion) better and more professional company like Dice. I'd love to see Dice come out ahead over the "all glam no substance" game from IW. Soon Im sure.

RedPawn3264d ago



dantheman15153264d ago

By generalizing an entire group of people you are just as bad as they are.

callahan093264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

Well, he didn't generalize an entire group of people. He merely said that playing on Xbox Live means you'll be greeted by "a bunch of" that kind of behavior. Not that everyone does it, but it's prevalent enough to be expected. I would have once agreed. But now it's kind of different. Since party chat, it's quiet enough to hear a pin-drop on Xbox Live. Nobody talks anymore because everyone's in their own little party chat.

silvacrest3264d ago

i love generic rap so im offended, im sure you could fined generic rock there too...


although i agree with everything else, why is rap getting bashed so much on these forums latly? whatever genre of music im sure theres a sh!tty sub cultrue e.g. rock=headbanging, rap=gangsta rap

dont tar everyone who listens to rap as racist kids with no taste please....

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