Microsoft Countering Sony With Avatar Spaces Is Home In Trouble HipHopGamerShow 11/8/09

1. EA Guest Stars On The HipHopGamerShow (Bad Company 2)
2. Resident Evil Remastered Collection Coming
3. Game Review – Smackdown 10 (7 out of 10) Good Game
4. An Embarrasment To HipHop

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WenisWagon3266d ago

( it was ever alive to begin with)

Lifendz3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

The guy gets more hate than anyone on N4G, people have bashed him personally and professionally (heck, right now there's a mock interview from Bad JoyStick featuring him), yet he keeps coming back every Sunday. I don't know about you, but I would've stopped coming here months ago.

So whatever it's worth, big ups on being so persistent HHG. Keep it up and you might end up on G4 one day.

myothercar3266d ago

What I don't understand is, how can HHG think up such mindless topics, but still have an instant red hot N4G article?

The fact anyone wastes their time extrapolating on anything he says is embarrassing. Which is better? Blue or green? Is green in trouble???

LiquifiedArt3266d ago

I'll be pissed, because Sony has this feeling of completely lacking community. I feel like everything sony does is in contrary to what "gamers" want. Such as...

Photo Gallery?
Home? (not the idea, but the implementation)
Party System?

I just feel like Sony is so far behind in what "gamers" really want, regardless I'm not willing to pay for what Microsoft is offering, as it could easily be free.

3266d ago
ico923266d ago

i love hip hop but not the hip hop gamer show

AKNAA3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

OMG man,Eminem literally Destroyed that Nicky chick.

btw, MS's Wii avatars ain't got sh1t on Home's avatars.

Saaking3266d ago

Nah, Home isn't in trouble. What MS is offering isn't nearly as advanced a Home, so no worries.

jmd7493266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

you guys take his show way to seriously. long live the HHG show. with me, he's guaranteed at least one view. i don't see any of you guys putting yourselves out there every sunday without fail for the entertainment medium you love so much. you need to just take his show for what it is, he's not trying to be your IGN or gametrailers replacement.

STICKzophrenic3266d ago

"enjoy the games, because at the end of the day that's what we are and that's what we do. WE GAME"

No, not everyone games. Some of us, but it seems the more vocal people (here at least) like to play number of exclusives and others like to play sales, and even others just like to be cheerleaders for a brand.

Some of us do game, and enjoy gaming very much, others seem to like to troll the internet showing their undying love for a brand or for sales.

PtRoLLFacE3266d ago

lol home is been in trouble even before it got release

ReviewsArePolitics3266d ago

Home can't be in trouble because Home will always be there on PSN. If anything it only validates Sony's strategy (in spite of Greentard considering it "2005 tech"), and it will only force both MS and Sony to improve and therefore benefit gamers all over the world.

Only fangirls think Home sucks.

mr mintleaf3266d ago

The EA guy in the interview revealed that there will be 4 game modes "at launch"! That sounds like more to follow after launch?? And when HHG pressed him on co-op mode, the guy had that big "YES" smile, even though he declined to comment.

BC2 is really shaping up to eclipse BC1 in every way.. I'm so looking forward to this game.

LiquifiedArt3266d ago

That being said, The problems Sony has with relating to gamers is obvious. They need to do their best to Mimic Xbox Live in as many ways as possible.

We (PS3 gamers) got the games!

All we need is the Operating System and Online functionality and its a open and shut case.

Simon_Brezhnev3266d ago

Lol yall so stupid the more you hate the more he gets money and hits just ignore it if you dont like it lmao yall just easy money to him

Blaster_Master3266d ago

PS3 mafia got the keys to the city.

gintoki7773266d ago

who here actually cares about spaces for your avatar or whatever

like I only have a ps3 and rarely go on home maybe when I am bored. There really isnt much to keep you coming back. Like maybe if they had events in home that let you win playstation points or something then I would play more often.

I actually went into home to watch the sony tgs conference or was it e3 idk it was pretty cool though

Persistantthug3266d ago

I think it means he's "piloting" his show.

HHG has also hinted recently about going "big time". I said months ago that one day we would all see HHG on TV on MTV or BET...or maybe even G4, hopefully with his own show, and it's obvious he's Prepping for that.

Good luck HipHopGamer.

ID IR A G 0 N3266d ago

home is stupid, so avatar space will be stupid too

gaffyh3265d ago

I know a lot of people like it, but Home is really pointless imo. Regarding the Resident Evil remastered collection on 360, how would that work if the code was made for PS1/PS2 and only I think RE4 came out for Xbox?

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Pandamobile3266d ago

" An Embarrasment To HipHop"

Arsenic133266d ago

And to intelligent gamers.

PAPERCHASER03963266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

For microsoft to even implicate the features that home has, wouldn't their servers have to be on par or even better than Sony's since they have so many quote on quote players online? What about the strong use of Peer to Peer connections microsoft uses?

FunkyBunch3266d ago

And to the English Language.

They should really call it the "Butcher the English language and Flamebait show"

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Nelson M3266d ago

Must say HipHop
That's the Most Ridiculous Headline you've Wrote all Year
What a Counter from Microsoft eh !
Ha dont make me laugh
And is Home in Trouble ?
Errr No !

Persistantthug3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

That's the first time I've heard that one.....made me laugh in real life.

Crude, but I'm gonna give your a bubble for the new joke. lol

3266d ago
kissmeimgreek3266d ago

you look stupid.

its written not wrote (in this case at least)

Nelson M3266d ago

Like your Show a lot
Just havin a little fun
Keep up the Good Work
We all Know your on of us and not a BoT

MAiKU3266d ago

So wait... the HD Miis are getting a avatar space essentially the same thing as playstation home?

Be joyous xbots for your innovation...

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samoon3266d ago

IF you guys hate him so much why do you give him so much traffic!!

Ya his show sucks, but get off his nuts and stop giving him so many hits if you hate him!

Arsenic133266d ago

I click NG4 comments. Never his site link.

darkequitus3266d ago

I don't hate him. I am just acknowledging his love for flame-bait. Just like what arsenic13 said - See his submitted headline say it all. There is no need to give him hits.

Eamon3266d ago

LOL, I do the same as Arsenic13. For HHG articles, I just click the comments section. I would click the link if it was a readable article. I just don't like his videos.

NMC20073266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

It's because they're stupid, that's all there is to it, like the Activision haters, hey! I hate Activision, I will make a thread about it so we can hate together, yet, you are just creating free press for Activision and making others lol at you in the process because they know as well as you do that you are full of ships lol. SMH.

We hate HHG, let's express that hate and give him immense degrees and popularity, AWESOME!

HHG will ALWAYS reign supreme on N4G, ALWAYS!

Never change N4G, then I wouldn't have people to laugh at everyday.

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