Inazuma Eleven heading to Europe next year

It has been revealed that the Inazuma Eleven franchise will be heading to Europe next year.

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Valay3268d ago

This is good news, but now I wish there was a North American announcement.

SpoonyRedMage3268d ago

Awww, wow, this is great news! I'll definitely check this out.

Valay3268d ago

I'm guessing you live in Europe!

SpoonyRedMage3268d ago

Haha, yup... usually we're the ones left waiting for games so this is a bit of a surprise. Although Europe has been treated to a few things this gen that America missed out on, like Disaster: Day of Crisis.

TOO PAWNED3268d ago

I think i will buy DS just to play this game....

Redempteur3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Played this game in japanese ...
And watched the anime

Very good ... not perfect ( it has flaws ) but it's definitly a gem ..

The kind of unique rpgs ( yes it's rpg ) you have to try to understand ...

Fire dragon shooooooott .....


/* Me standing up in the middle of the bus and nobody around me understand why ...

3267d ago
PS360WII3267d ago

Well that's not fair :( I want NA release too please!