Obsidian CEO: RPG devs, beware the MMORPG

Obsidian Entertainment CEO Feargus Urquhart reckons MMORPGs could negatively impact the popularity of the RPG genre if the design of games like Neverwinter Nights doesn't take MMORPGs into account.

"For instance," Urquhart explained in an interview to be published on CVG shortly, "it used to be fine to make an RPG that was just wandering around and hacking things up with the player having very little effect on the world around them. Why play that game now if you could just play a MMO?"

He believes it's key that developers of non-MMO RPGs look closely at what the genre offers over MMORPGs to ensure the RPG genre doesn't lose out to the increasingly popular massively multiplayer online world.

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carlman234573d ago

I've played a few of them and enjoyed the societal aspect for a bit... but the lack of deep story and engaging quests gets old fast. I'm just scared that the old school epics are going to disappear... Here's to holding out for Fallout 3!!!!

Rooted_Dust4573d ago

Until you can simulate a 100vs100 PvP event in a RPG, yes MMO's will be better.

Eclipticus4573d ago

why 100? why not 500? a 1 thousand man battle, what does the number have to do with it? why does it have to be a pvp?

sumfood4u4573d ago


VirtualGamer4573d ago

EQ2 is not coming to the PS3.

"A few days back we had a rumour concerning the possibility of EQ coming to the PS3. These rumours have been dispelled by SOE. The official word from EQ2 senior producer Scott Hartsman is that "it isn't happening.""


Eclipticus4573d ago

i played city of heroes i bit and got bored. then played Guild Wars and got bored. There is no real reason to keep playing. Unless you use it for social interaction. But you know there is Real Life for that.
Until a MMO can offer a deep story where i have an impact. Then i quickly lose interest. I want to see a game where players can interact with the world, and keep that change permanently. Annihilation of a race? sure. Recreating terra. like Fracture, with out it resesting? sure. Killing NPC's that really matter, and get the fame for it. Then I am all for it.
Not a game that Respawns, creatures, loot, or worlds. I might as well grab action figures and play in front of a poster