Gran Turismo 5 SEMA Demo Gameplay Videos

GT Planet writes: "Finally, we've got our first look at video of J.R. Rocha's G37 in the latest Gran Turismo 5 SEMA demo. Unfortunately, the quality is very poor compared to what people managed to grab at previous shows, but it's better than nothing, right? The lack of footage seems to indicate that the GT Awards show was the only place the demo was playable, which would explain the lack of more footage. The first clip, below, shows replay footage, and the second provides a look at the interior."

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sinncross3264d ago

Is it just me? or did the quality of the footage make it seem like that was a beta build of the game. Never get that guy to take footage guys lol, though its good he got something.

But as expected, the interior shot of that car was amazing!

Props to PD!

Zedux3264d ago

definitely the best racing game this gen!

Lord_Ranos3264d ago

Cant wait to play the TRUE Best Driving Simulator of this Generation.

Gran Turismo 5
The Real Driving Simulator

fishd3264d ago

I like the other slogan(?!) much more!

The Drive of your life...