A Few Reasons NOT to Buy Modern Warfare 2

Negative Gamer's Sam "verygoodyear" writes;

"The majority of gaming blogs over the next few weeks will be publishing hundreds of articles about all the intricate plot details and immersive gameplay, but in the spirit of Negative Gamer I'd like to suggest a few reasons why you should save your money invest your time into something more wholesome. Railroad Tycoon perhaps? No? OK, well here's my list anyway."

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zdudynot3318d ago

article = hits material

wardrox3318d ago

"lots of people will read this" is hardly a bad thing. And the article has a fair amount of research. Also, as you know, commenting bumps up an article's temp on N4G, so if you don;t want people to read, don't comment :D

So, clearly you agree this article should be getting many readers.

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RAZORLAND3318d ago

The guy cant even sell ad space on his site.

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jammy_703318d ago

rip off!!
i no its not that im joking.......

ThanatosDMC3318d ago

My brother's willing to pay $150 for the game. This is ridiculous.

Raf1k13318d ago

Asda will have it for about £27 on release.
I've said that a few times now lol.

CaptainKratos3318d ago

i am, when it comes out im getting it, but for 45 bucks from some guy who has 2.pretty cool deal.


so you turn into a girl when cold water hits you .............................i nteresting

benighted death3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

people are free to buy the game if they want to!

wizzle523317d ago

Confirmed in the papers for both 360/ps3

edgeofblade3317d ago

Oh no! Someone priced an in-demand item at a price higher than a less in-demand item. Oh, the heresy... we must inform the hippy commune's elders.

People... if you don't like it, don't buy it. It is ALWAYS as simple as that.

Xgamerzus3317d ago

Ill give you some reasons!!MF's
number one :it belongs on PC!!
number two :it's dumbed down(low def) on consoles with limited EDram.
Number three: short story???
Number 4 : online multiplayer is for losers with no life..

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Pandamobile3318d ago

I sure won't be buying this overpriced piece of sh1t.

Gothdom3318d ago

Sadly, there are too many morons out there that will buy this game. It'll sell millions of copies, and then you'll start seeing more games that starts to sell at the same price, maybe more.

OpenGL3318d ago

Where were you guys when Left 4 Dead 2 or Halo 3: ODST were announced as full price retail games? Yeah, it's pretty bad that they increased the price of the PC version, but I think the game costing £55 in the UK is even worse. We are an unfortunate vocal minority, and this game will likely sell over 13 million copies between the 360 and PS3 alone.

Still, I'm with you guys and will not be buying this game for any of the 3 platforms I can play it on. It's still not even 720p on the PS3 or Xbox 360, and the PC version has been butchered. With that said, the campaign is looking pretty good from what I've seen, and I'm sure a ton of people will love the multi-player. I understand why CoD fans on the 360 and PS3 are excited for this title.

pippoppow3318d ago

There is no licensing fee associated with PC gaming so why the same cost as the console versions? Console games are at least $10 more due to the licensing fees payed. PC version also has it's ususal pluses taken out on top of that. Don't see this selling well on PC. Then again I'm sure it'll make more than enough on the consoles. Don't blame PC gamers for not supporting this game. There is no justifiable reason the game should cost $60. Unbelievable greed is disgusting.

JeffGUNZ3318d ago

In America, the price didn't raise. Also, who are you to call a "moron" to anyone that spends THEIR OWN hard earned money on what they want? Grow up.

Gothdom3318d ago

you have to be moronic to want a piece of crap. I mean, who plays 9 vs 9 on PC? Why should american gamers not support fellow UK gamers? Why should I get something rehashed with almost the same graphics as before? Why should people settle with a game that has no mods nor dedicated survers?

It's not my fault if people like to pay more for less.

I wish alot of people download the game via torrents.

CaptainKratos3318d ago

its COD HELLO!!! if you like FPS your going to like this pretty sure if you got it as a gift you would play the hell out of it.its a good game and gamers love good games!!! no matter what!!!!Viva la GAmerlucion


benighted death3318d ago

hey Gothdom,its funny that you call people morons because just buy saying that,you just proved you are a real moron! funny isn't?

mastiffchild3317d ago

Whoa there CaptainKraos! IF you were all about the gamers and any kind of revolution you NOT be buying this game under current circumstances but would stand beside your PC and EU brothers trying to stop further erosion of things we've come to expect in gaming wouldn't you?

Gamers rights will take a big nose dive as the unstaoppable success of MW2 and the horror tactics of it's dev and publisher come to fruition. Whether it's a great game is irrelevant and, yes, gamers love a good game but is it really worth the prices of games in future going through the roof? Features being cut all round on PC and console? Gamers being routibely treated like we're dim, easily led chattles of arrogant devs like IW who believe their own press far too much? Is it fine that they revealed a video appealing to the lowest common denomenator in their fanbase by parodying F.A.G.S? Id that part of your revolution for gamers?

See, it doesn't sound like any kind of revolution and all gamers will inherit, if we continue supporting crappy people like this, is a gaming world where things go backwards(like the killing off of dedicated servers)rather than forwards if it profits our "masters" at the likes of Activision. We'e being used and abused, imo, and I, at least, won't be party to that.

I find it incredible that so few of our number are upset by the arrogance of Kotick and Co-sadly he appears to know gamers better than I do. His bare faced comments dripping with greed should have got more people worried(and the double standards shown over the price of PS3 when his company routinely rip us in the EU off with the price of peripherals fo the Hero games)and when the unilateral EU hike was announced it should have become a deafening chorus of dissent in his direction but too many of us are too eager to buy MW2. Why? It won't go anywhere amd we could have made a stand to show them we gamers are a REAL community and not the fractured mess they take us for and easily conquer with their divide and rule tactic of playing console gamer off against PC gamer.

It's true, I've seen numerous console only gamers saying things like "PC amers deserve this" and "serves them right for pirating" and swallowing Acti/IW's bait wholesale. The erosion of PC gamers rights is about them making their own mods and doing their own thing with MW2-and IW not making anything from, it. NOT about a better service or matchmaking or any of their other lies and certaily not abut piracy as what they did will lead to more of that and not less!

So, yeah, while I agree the lure of laying a new MW wth your mates is very strong and a great many people will get huge amounts of pleasure from it I still think there was room for us to stick topgether over this one. Revolutions ONLY start when the majority of a community realise their similaities are greater than their differences. Only occur when people get together, stand firm and show they aren't a divided mess easy to be cajoled by the big corporations. They occur when we show some unity and, in this case, a little restraint. If a lot of us had stood up over the ills committed by IW and Acti here they'd have already sorted it al out and we would be looking forward to all playing this together with no rservations or pangs of guilt.

As it stands I won't be buing any ctivision or IW products until they change their terrivle attitude. That's my choice. I don't want to feel I did nothing when all the signs were there that we were being taken for a massive ride in the name of even greater profits(and the EU hike is the worst part of that-we already pay way over the odds and the recession is still taking jobs over here. It's a little sick in my eyes, ubh. Fact is, some say, that we aren't even paying the extra as the retailers(like Tesco at £32) are taking the hit for us. All that means is THEY pay Acti the extra and doesn't stop the hike looking like a success as they still get all the cash as if we DID pay £60!you think that will stop a worldwide "premium" price next time? Come on, it's a fait accompli and Acti played it SO well).

Look, I'm not perfect and I'm not without sin so won't throw any stones. If you are happy to buy the game and damn the conseguences then I'm noone to say you're in any way wrong or not entitled to do what you want with your money. All I'm saying is I wish more people would thinkmabout it before they do that to make sure they know what the score is-you may just think I'm wrong or may not care either way but, please, think about what you might be helping to make happen. It isn't pretty and makes any talk of gaming revolutions or even a real community a bit of a sick joke. Yes, they have a product most of us want(I do myself-I won't lie)but is that ALWAYS the most important concern? Do we take immediate gratification over the long term welfare of all gamers on all platforms?

Anyway, if you read thanks for the trouble and sorry if I bored you. Best wishes, also, to anyone buying the game-I might be totally wrong after all-as I don't harbour any ill will over this one at all-I just think we're being badly bent over and happily ask for more and in some cases we even defend these guys while berating those who they mistreat. So, whichever camp you're in mjust try to remember we'e all in at least one together and hopefully one day that will seem most important to us all. Maybe then the undustry won't take us so comically for granted like IW have by believing they're the second coming.

JeffGUNZ3317d ago

You're missing the point. Just because you don't see the value in something, doesn't mean that 15 million other people don't. Just because you decided you don't like this game, doesn't mean that anyone who purchases it is automatically a moron. You have a lot of growing up to do.

CaptainKratos3317d ago

@ mastiffchild you wanna come over and play or not? just ask mastiffchild just ask.

Gothdom3316d ago

Funny how you people tell me I need to grow up when I'm one of the few who's got the balls to say no when some company wants to stick his Kotick up my ass.

Believe what you want, the game's fun, but has been torn appart by regression. Like Mastiff said, that was one great occasion to stick together and say no, but most people prefer to close their eyes and endure the sore anus, with a smile nonetheless. If you want to play the game this bad, torrent it.

The free pass the reviewers give this game is another point I'd tackle, but it seems like I don't have any right to express my anger towards the gaming community.

This game will be forgotten in a couple of years, when people will play a 2vs2 game with the same graphics called MW3, costing 99,99$ in the US, no dedicated servers and a 40$ DLC containing one map and one gun, which will be available on release date. Maybe with a fee to play online too.

That, my friends, is the future of gaming you've just assured yourselves.

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silvacrest3318d ago

i dont like either that much but i'd gladly get LFD2 then MW2

Gandysampras3318d ago

The only way I'll be buying it is if I can get it for £26 as rumoured at Sainsbury's.

komp3318d ago

I will give it a week before the real hate starts. Once folks realise what has just happened to their money.

InLaLaLand3317d ago

Too bad. Activision has their money, plus they are willing to accept more crap yet to come.

borgome3317d ago

I'm not a cheap @ss computer nerd like 90% of losers on this [email protected] @ss website.