Project-Console: Modern Warfare 2 - Single Player Review

Project-console writes: "Here we are at the focus of where the exits gaming more 'interesting and attractive, period created ad hoc to make the most of the sales of securities more' noble and important in itself and in 2009 'was a year rich from this point of view and gave birth to one of the most 'beautiful sampling of recent years.
The choices will be weighted so as not to risk the bankruptcy of our portfolio purchases and avoid unnecessary and inappropriate that inevitably leads us to give some kind decidedly more 'worthwhile. In the area of a FPS title, indeed, indeed, the title of most 'prestigious and waited and' without a shadow of a doubt Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, a game that only his reputation deserves a place in our personal video game collection .
Infinity Ward's masterpiece is finally coming to her now "X" which undoubtedly it will decide 'success already' had with his predecessors."

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