Unreal Tournament III The Ball UDK Released

This mod from Toltec Studios is a singleplayer action and puzzle mod. This version utilizes the Unreal Development Kit, meaning the latest engine capabilities are being used.

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-Alpha3266d ago

This poor game has no one playing on the console versions which upsets me because UT is very fun.

I love to play Halo for the PC back in the day, and now I need a Halo fix seeing as my PS3 doesn't have it, and UT was the closest thing... unfortunately the community is dead.

I was thinking of looking into the PC versions where the game belongs anyway though.

xTruthx3266d ago

Don't waste you time, UT# on PC is dead too, UT2k4 has more people playing on it. They really screwed the game to make it more console like and killed it, ut2k4 is A LOT better than ut3. UT2k4 was about skills and creativity, this 1 is all about spamming