Battle to control game consoles

Independent programmers are working on ways to listen to Internet radio and wirelessly check e-mail through the handheld Nintendo DS game device. Elsewhere, some jokers figured out how to get a playable version of ''Doom'' onto the iPod.

When one popular Tetris-like game, called ''Lumines,'' was not released for the Nintendo GameBoy, one programmer made his own knockoff version, which he called ''LumineSweeper.''

These are the things that happen inside the ''homebrew'' scene, the online place where hacker skills and video game culture overlap. For the enthusiasts in this community, figuring out how to make a Nintendo game work on a Sony device is as much fun as playing the games.

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mikeeno76172d ago

I like how the picture of the 360 overshadows the PS3 and Wii. Seriously, PS3 is the biggest console ever manufactured! It would crush the beautiful concave curves of 360 and shatter the Wii...

specialguest6171d ago (Edited 6171d ago )

i love the homebrewing community and what they've done so far. when i bought my PSP, i knew exactly what i bought it; hacks, emulators, unofficial features just to name a few. i don't really care for the games they have out now...well except the new Tekken and a few upcoming RPGs.