Critical Gamer: Joe Danger: Preview

Critical Gamer Writes: There's a depressingly good chance that you, dear reader, have never heard of Joe Danger or Hello Games. You should have though; you really should. And I'm here to tell you why.

Grant Duncan (former Climax and Sumo Digital employee, now 25% of Hello Games) had the dubious honour of being my first interview victim at the Eurogamer Expo, and he also took the time to show me through his company's first game, Joe Danger. Now only the most preposterous of gaming snobs would instantly turn their noses up at an indie game; but when that indie game comes from people who have worked on the Burnout series, Black, Virtua Tennis 3 and a bunch of other big name games, you really should be sitting up and paying attention.

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Jim Crikey3319d ago

I need this game and so do you! Now we just need to know what formats it's gonna be on...

scruffy_bear3319d ago

In the preview they say they having made up there mind about the PSN version but most sites have it down as a PSN title

IDesertFoxI3319d ago

It sounds a bit like Trials 2, which can only be a good thing. I'd like to hear more on the multiplayer mode. That sounds quite cool.

scruffy_bear3319d ago

yeah it does sound awesome, can't wait to play it

LesThom3319d ago

Originality is where it's at.

scruffy_bear3319d ago

Joe Danger looks like it be one of the most originality games released next year

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