Game-Pad: Brink Eurogamer Impressions

Game-Pad managed to see Brink demonstrated live at the Eurogamer Expo. Find out exactly what they saw and why you should be extremely excited about this upcoming First Person/RPG-Lite Shooter.

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MetalGearRising3268d ago

Straight away the games visuals blew me away. This is a shooter which genuinely looks close to Killzone 2 in its graphical standards (for reference Paul was playing the 360 version). Not only that but the sound work was absolutely phenomenal.

KillZone 2 got OWNED.

raztad3267d ago

KZ2 is several months old already and Brink is not even released, however "looks close" doesnt mean it tops it right?

I love how some guys on the other console are really desperate for something close to KZ2. KZ2 was already owned, by UC2.

lucifon3267d ago

Indeed but it looked extremely close. KZ looked stunning but the gameplay really didn't match. Thats why its still hard to tell exactly how well Brink will play without actually getting hands on with the game, but it sure does look top notch.

I own both consoles mate. And yes, UC2 is probably the best looking console game to date, fantastic game!