Game Journalism: Just for the Fanboys?

News 4 Gamers, one of the largest gaming websites, has become a staple in gaming journalism. News is shared and commented on by thousands, which should seem like a dream for the gaming community and writers. However, websites like these appear to have done more of the opposite

Looking back at all the articles from the previous weeks on N4G, you can see a clear pattern. Funny, how the console comparisons and controversial statements get the most hits. Compare the PS3 and 360 and you are guaranteed over 500 views within hours.

You may say that this is obvious, and controversy always gets this treatment. It isnt the controversy that is the problem: It is the fact that the articles are made specifically as flame-bait for fanboys.

This article is in no way intended to damage N4G's reputation, yet it is one of the most evident places to see this console-war waging. Take a look at the comments, or if you have a flame-suit and extinguisher nearby, the open section. 4/5 comments bash a certain game or console, with the odd one out actually being relevant.

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karan86243362d ago

... that its kind of true.

RKRigney3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

It's not "kinda" true, it's entirely true. I've been wanting to write an article like this for a long time. This community is one of the most ridiculous on the internet. Although it's weird that this writer refers to everyone who posts their lame Blogspot posts on N4G a "journalist."

Saaking3362d ago

Most of it is. A lot of articles the come on are based purely on the console war. They like poking a bee nest and it works. As long as they keep getting hits from these articles we'll never have proper game journalism. Hell, even large websites bicker amongst themselves.

sikbeta3362d ago

The news that are flame-bait indeed, are not viewed only by fanboys, point me as fanboy if you want, but I had enough with articles over articles bashing the PS3, the games on it, the online community, the features, everything related to Playstation in general, so I have to respond in some way, well at least I know is not only me XP

evrfighter3362d ago

Saaking you don't have to try and hide it. You're one of the worst offenders here. Unlike Darkride and Morganfell who have the balls to come out and say what they're thinking straight. You resort to stealth trolling.

3362d ago
Anon19743362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Controversy gets hits fans of video games are passionate about their hobby. I don't know sites that like to stir things up. What I do take issue with is the sites that do so without a shred of truth, with complete disregard for the facts. Destructoid comes to mind as a site that can post the most outlandish fallacies under the guise of "opinion" and get away with it.

However, the comments section is a mess. The idea of a Gamer Zone as opposed to an Open Zone isn't a bad notion, but it needs to be enforced. I've had another member of the community stalk my posts, harass me, send me intimidating PM's until blocked, name call me after every single post I make, just trying to discuss my favorite hobby, and this has been going on for over two months now. His actions are still in, as of this morning, blatant violation of N4G's terms and conditions of use and despite having reported numerous instances of his harassment with the use of the "report" button, only 2 of the infringing 26 comments over the past two months were actually dealt with.

I've now taken the issue to the mods directly but aside from "We'll talk to him," his harassment continues unabated. How many users have been run off this site in the past because of unfettered harassment like this? How many more gamers who just want to talk about their favorite hobby will be chased off this site after I've finally had enough?

The mods need to step in and clean up the Gamer Zone. That's the whole problem right there. It's so bad now the task is monumental and I don't know if the mods or admins have the stomach for it. It's a shame, because the N4G community is generally a great place to talk about gaming, it's really only a few bad apples.

Edit Below: Thanks for proving my point! There are some who come here to discuss their favorite hobby, there are some that are here just to belittle others for expressing opinions. I can't own both consoles but have a preference? Get over yourself. There's nothing "stealth" about what I do. I've always been upfront about my preferences. And I've never said Killzone 2 was better then Halo. Don't put words in my mouth.

-Seven-3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

You have some [email protected] saying what you just said. Your one of the biggest stealth tolls in N4G. You always say I have a 360 but my PS3 does this better or I play Halo but killzone 2 is better.

No one except for the PS3 members take you serious so stop pretending that you like Microsoft.

MicroSony4Life3362d ago

Your opinion is worth just as much as SAAKINGS opinion. The only thing different is that you try to hide the fact that your anti-Microsoft. Your quick to defend Sony and pull financial figures out of no where.

gamesR4fun3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

In the two years ive been here its always been the way it is...

Sure it was way more pro 360 when i started and now seems to b more in favor of the ps3...

Funny how the wii fans have always been the silent majority Im guessing their casual fanbase isnt the sort to frequent n4g...

imo ng4 is still a pretty good reflection of the mood of the gaming community has a whole. Fact that we got more ps3 fans than 360 ones now is because the ps3 popularity is growing.

Anon19743362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

You're certainly entitled to your opinion but I don't know where you get off saying I'm anti-Microsoft. Simply because I prefer my PS3 doesn't mean I'm "anti" the other console. I'm quick to offer up opinions regarding Sony because there's so much genuine misinformation floating around out there that is easily disproved and I think people who perpetuate this type of misinformation on these sites do a disservice to all gamers. If people were spreading misinformation about Microsoft I'm just as quick to put them in their place as well, however it happens far less often.

Gears of War and Fable II are two of my top games so far this gen. XBL is a fantastic service but I don't agree with the fees involved. The 360 is a great console at a fantastic price but Microsoft continues to mishandle the hardware issues. Simply having criticism of a company doesn't somehow make me "anti" that company. There's been plenty of things Sony's done this gen I didn't agree with. I think they botched the launch, they weren't up front with why the controllers didn't have vibration, Home hasn't been handled very well, advertising has been lackluster, BC shouldn't have been taken out...etc. I've been just as vocal about those issues as well.

Sorry, but I refuse to conform to your attempt to label me as firmly in one camp or the other. I can be fans of both. That's what gamers do.

boodybandit3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Okay real quick what is wrong with this post? (spelling errors excluded)
First one to respond correctly gets a * with a smiley face.

Lifendz3362d ago

there wouldn't be as many of the up and comers as there are now. I would never have heard of some people. I don't understand how these same people can talk smack about N4G, and then insult it.

commodore643362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Looks like I don't need to say anything, with regard to the exchange above.
Other members seem to have observed similar traits in certain individuals, as I have.

No wait... I'll say this:
I will continue to call out lies, misrepresentations, misquotings and half-truths by ANY and ALL members of n4g.
If someone is observed to continually do these things, I will call that out as well.

Recently, a n4g user derogatively and slanderously referred to me as being 'anal', ... Then that person proclaimed that they were reporting me to the mods for namecalling!

Isn't this a rather severe case of hypocrisy?
Pot meet kettle, right?
It makes me glad that these exchanges are on the public record!

When I call out individuals for lying, misquoting and misrepresenting the facts, i do this in the spirit of community.
There is no way I am trying to harrass anyone, and that accusation is itself, a form of harrassment, which is now being reported to the mods.

My behaviour is, in fact, a valuable service to the overall n4g community as it improves the dissemmination of truth (not lies) on our forum.

If a mod disagrees, then please, present your viewpoint.
I am a reasonable person, but I will not be unlawfully threatened, nor silenced by unlawful threats.

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Ziriux3362d ago

Yea but who cares really, we knew that for the most part. This is not news, but i'll approve cause it's interesting enough.

dplayer3362d ago

I gave up posting articles on N4G that i found because they never went anywhere. I now post on and watch and, they have no fanboys policing and dictating what makes it as gaming news.

Elven63362d ago

The problem is no one even goes on GameKicker, infact, I`ve seen their stuff posted on N4G before!

On topic: Firstly, how many sites are we going to see that have their site names made from a variation of N4G?

I also love how people like to call anyone who posts a story on N4G a journalist...

dragonyght3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

you just gave fanboy on n4g a new hunting ground nice!

dragonyght3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

bd post

sikbeta3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

I don't know too much about Gaming Sites like this, I'm not really into it either

I know about, but is more like ruled by analysts than people who enjoy games, you can't say you like X console or you get pointed as a fanboy (lol), Ign is good but it has banners everywhere that crash my Ubuntu FireFox all day (lol) and neogaf is ruled by fanboys in disguise or really annoying cry babies IMO

Anyone knows about others gaming sites?

dplayer3362d ago

I guess what I am saying is not "use these sites because they get more traffic" u have digg/gaming for that. What I am saying is a truely democratic site is 1 person 1 vote not 2, 3 or 4 votes depending on the amount of user points u have

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BrianC62343362d ago

What's this? Another nothing site crying about They must need a lot of hits this month.

DigitalAnalog3362d ago

I will learn from them and start a blog.


-End statement.

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