Crysis vs. HAZE Visual Comparison

With heated debates over next gen comparisons and which titles provide better all around graphics, PSU thought it would be great to take one of the most beloved upcoming PC games, Crysis, and match it up against one of the more promising PlayStation 3 fall titles, HAZE.

Since both games include similar weaponry and futuristic style fighting, PSU thought they would be rightly suited for comparison. So without further adieu let the eye candy begin!

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EDF 20174746d ago

Crysis has way better lighting and textures, especially the trees. Crysis almost looks photorealistic where Haze looks worse than Gears of War.

popup4746d ago

You say that as if Gears looks bad enough...

Raist4746d ago

"Haze looks worse than Gears of War"


MetalProxy4745d ago

Compairing a FPS to a third person game?

id dot entity4746d ago

Crysis all the way but who didn't expect that? Haze still looks great, but the leap Crysis made is too huge for 360 I think.

TheMART4746d ago

Make PS3 of it, because the game is leading on PS3, thus screenshots from that version...

BitbyDeath4745d ago

lol, the mart is telling the truth for once.

I think i see hell freezing over

gta_cb4744d ago

why dont you say something about the thread rather then trying to start a flamewar between people.

fenderputty4746d ago

is better looking. It's a freaking monster of a graphical game. Haze looks goog though. I'm happy it even come close. I also noticed that in Haze, the game looks like it's got a foggy/hazy/unclear/MGS4 look and feel to it. It's like the devs weren't going for the sharp, photorealistic look and feel.

fenderputty4746d ago

It's one of the reasons people have to use the "nectar". Otherwise, some of those enimies are HARD to see. I just pointed it out since the people above me didn't seem to take this into consideration.

bigmoney6174746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

Not a chance HAZE. Look at that lush green dense forest, as opposed to the Haze, dry, and less detailed looking one. Also the Sunlight that peaks through the Trees...and the Shadows of the bushes.
..this look like the movie "PREDITOR" Where is Arnold?
Console games will never be able to keep up..
The disparity can only continue to grow.
How does it makes gamers feel about these comparisons, or at least knowing what we have under the TV is already outdated?