Video Game Warzone #66: Valve Versus The PS3

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes,
BFBC2 stuff
We talk more about Battlefield Bad Company 2

Valve statements about PS3 community
Was Valve wrong to dismiss the PS3? HHG and Torrence debate why they don't like the platform and why it's not economical for them to get into PS3 development right now.

Was Halo 3 rushed? Are the graphics booty? Torrence debates against the whole staff in favor of Halo 3's graphics.

Forza 3
Find out why we've been having so much fun with it.

Dirtybirdphoenix criticizes HHG's show, Game Review Battles and it starts a huge fight between the two.

Disclaimer: The anti-gay views and terms that were presented on the show are not shared by the Bitbag staff.


Bobby Blue Bland
"Aint No Love In The Heart Of The City"

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komp3292d ago

The thing witha Valve is that eventually the pressure builds up inside until the top gets blown off and the inner goodness is released.

There must be one big plug in the top of this container! ;)

Zedux3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I wouldn't call it versus! Who is Valve compared to Sony? Valve is just a MS fanboy who can't evolve and compete with great studios!

Bloodraid3291d ago

I didn't understand how 'developer wars' relate to 'developer insulting an entire community'..?

gaffyh3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

"Was Halo 3 rushed? Are the graphics booty? Torrence debates against the whole staff in favor of Halo 3's graphics. "

Shows how blind people seem to be getting. Halo 3 had average graphics, PS3 exclusives with the same amount of development time (OR even less) have better graphics e.g. Uncharted 1. MS rushed it, that's a fact, and that's why Bungie separated from them.

velcry3291d ago

Consider this - not everyone working there is so blind as to the PS3's role in the gaming industry.

Yet, because of the general stance taken by Valve as a company, it is unlikely that anyone with a differing opinion there dares to speak up.

It would really suck if I worked at an office where everyone used Macs, loved Macs, refused to listen to why Windows might be good, and I'm the only guy trying to hide my Windows-laptop under the table whenever someone else walks by.

HolyOrangeCows3291d ago

....hide the fact that the ever expanding PS3 intimidates what is considered to be such a supreme developer.

They didn't stop at ''It's difficult to develop for'' because they had to prove themselves.

Their ''points'' about community don't really add up.
Things like the chat options in fact SCRAMBLE teamwork.
And lack of cross invites on PSN are a minor inconvenience.

ActionBastard3291d ago

It should read:"...27 MILLION POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS." ;)

sikbeta3291d ago

"I didn't understand how 'developer wars' relate to 'developer insulting an entire community'..?"

This is the real problem, this time they not insulted PS3 or Sony Brands, they insult the community, "head and shoulder ahead" WTF is that suppose to mean, they evolve or something lol, knowing the xbox community has a big percentage of whiny and big mouthed kids XP

Lifendz3291d ago

Torrence says he doesn't care about people dissing MS, yet he goes on another podcast to defend MS after the hosts of that show were talking crap about MS. Hypocrite? I think so.

This is the only show that goes on at length about party chat. I think these guys want that so bad on PS3 so they don't have to pay that Live fee anymore.

And if Valve doesn't want to learn how to program for the PS3, fine. But are the shots at the PS3 community really warranted? And not for nothing, but Valve games aren't exactly graphical masterpieces. In fact, most of their games look dated. So it's not like the PS3 can't do those games. They just don't want to learn how to do it.

Guess the Warzone hasn't changed after all. PS3 bashers are supported, PS3 fanboys talked about all the time while ignoring 360 fanboys, and sales talk so long as it's positive 360 or negative Sony sales talk.

The Lazy One3291d ago

1. Have you guys considered having an audio guy to cut out ambient noise/volume level/cut out unrelated parts of your podcast? It would up the quality a lot and probably get ur podcasts to a more listenable time period.

2. Have you guys thought of getting someone to moderate your discussion? Just having one impartial dude just to organize your conversations would be great. There's a lot of times where 3 people will be talking and you cant hear anything anyone is saying.

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Sarcasm3292d ago

Approved for a funny ass intro song.


tripewire3292d ago

The following makes me feel a little better about Valve:
-Fire up UC2
-Start new game.
-Go to rewards, select donut drake.
-Drop from train.
-Drop from train.
-Drop from train.
-Drop from train.
-Drop from train.

ghostface3291d ago

I think Torrence still feels butt hurt about the hole battlefield bad company thing.

Mista T3291d ago

why did my comment go as a reply???? missed up posting on n4g

OOG FunK3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

you obviously missds the fact that he played the game already across live at the EA event and the fact he did a what 15 min video interview with one of the developers? Definitely bad wording tho... could have been said better so people wouldn't have assumed it was a knock at ps3 er something since PC also has the beta test and technically all games have beta tests... just not all are open.

mastiffchild3291d ago

Nista T-I don't think many PS3 gamers would moan if Valve were as reasonable about why they only want to work on PC and 360-I think everyone accepts their right to do what they want but not their silly outcursts surrounding it. Why diss everyone on PSN? Why , if he and his com[pany had little to no intention of working on PS3 did Gabe start slagging it in the first place? I'm, sure the way ND have made it sing and Gearbox, Vioware and even iD doing well on it all make him feel a little silly for saying it too and he maybe should have thought a little more before opening that well used burger mashing device he calls a mouth, no?

Whatever, Chet was unprofessional, the derisory lauchter at the prospect of L4D PS3 was amatuerish too and so are all of Gabe's pointless comments. No other developer that makes exclusives acts in this way and noone would go on about Valve if they'd stop but the fact is they keep bringing it on themselves(for whatever twisted reasoning they share over there)-maybe they don't want to dev for PS3 as it takes tham out of their comfort zone, maybe they don't feel they have the team or resources to do it but the things they give as reasons don't add up and with Gabe's heavy MS past it's always going to look a little dodgy. Why they can't ihnore PS3 and shut up is beyond me unless there's a lot of EA pressure to make games for the 27million PS3 gamers-if that's the vase then, maybe, thery should moan at EA rather than knocking PS3 and it's gamers, who to be fair haven't ever been tthe ones starting all this rubbish and they wouldn't have been bothered even if they'd just act like, say, Ted Prive does when asked about his Sony only relationship all would be fotgotten real quick.

I don't know for sure WHY they do it but it's a fact thjat it's Valve and their emplotees making ALL the running in these wee flame wars they enjoy starting. It's just sad, imo.

Chet Faliszek 3603291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

valve speak the truth. psn is lame...

The 360 is better for community if you think otherwise your in denial or have never actually used Live.

There isnt a big community on psn..


Mista T3291d ago

it's a business so aren't they shooting themselves in the foot for not going on PS3, community is a lame excuse for not doing so, I'm guessing there's some money under the table between MS and valve

ultimolu3291d ago

Only in the world of delusional bots such as yourself. Keep dreaming Romeo, but as far as I can see, PSN is reaching XBL's level.

And guess what?

It's free. :)

redsquad3291d ago

What's your PSN ID new boy? I mean, you must have been on it for months to make such a statement.

Biggunz3291d ago

I think what Failiszek meant by the 360 community fitting in better with Valve is, the 360 online base is full of childish imbeciles that buy into the hype created by Valve about L4D2 and will buy it.

360 consumers have been conditioned to pay $60 for games that should be $20 expansion packs like Halo ODLC and now L4D2.

Valve knows where the suckers are.

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