The Host 2: Game Announcement

The Host 2: New Ego-Shooter in development.

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sinncross3271d ago

Loved the film, but I have a bad feeling about this...

PrimordialSoupBase3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

One of the best monster movies ever. This one has a new director, though, so dial down that hope indeed.

And the game: lol.

zerocrossing3271d ago

the movie was great one of my all time fav monster movies id definatly watch it again, that being said movie to game adaptions are very rarely any good and it would be such a shame if they ended up ruining this, im not getting my hopes up just yet

ico923270d ago

i'll take the host over the godzilla remake any day of the week what makes the host diffrent and so unique to many monster movies is that most monster movies are about the scientists and the milatary battling the monster the host breaks from this trend by using civillians or much rather a family and there struggles through the attack..personally i think it influenced the much more well known cloverfeild.

but any way im curious to see how a game version might work out if you could play as the monster and go aroung killing people that would be aesome but it kinda reminds me of jaws on the ps2 and we all know how that turned out.

ArduousAndy3271d ago

this was hands down the worst monster movie i have ever seen and now they are making a game of it?

riksweeney3270d ago

Awww, were you annoyed that the film was subtitled? I also imagine you didn't get the quirky humour either.

3269d ago