Steam Top 10 Weekly Sales Chart, November 1-7

Valve has released their weekly top ten sellers list on Steam for the week ending on November 7.

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Pandamobile3356d ago

Two days til Modern Warfare 2 launches and it's STILL not in the top 5. Keep it up boys.

Arnon3356d ago

It's good to see that the PC community is telling IW to look at their mistakes, which is why MW2 for me will be purchased on my 360. With all this being said, I'm in love with Shattered Horizon.

toaster3355d ago

My purchases from Steam in the last 2 weeks:

2 copies of Torchlight, 1 for gifting
3 Copies of Shattered Horizon, 2 for gifting
1 copy of L4D2, I'm thinking of getting another for my friend so we can co-op but as you can probably tell, I'm running low on money
1 copy of Dragon Age Origins Deluxe Digital Edition (this one was a big bank buster :( but WELL worth it)

Bobby Kotex3355d ago

you showed them! you bought it for your 360!

Arnon3355d ago

lol yey. Actually, It was a gift. So I didn't purchase the game.

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ReservoirDog3163356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

I knew I could count on you pc guys. Now just gotta hope the PS3/360 guys can pull together and not get it.

I'm doing my part. It's all I can do.

I could've sworn I pressed reply to Pandamobile. Oh well I guess.

y0haN3356d ago

lol.. that's not happening. Most of the console players I know don't intend on buying any other games in the next year after MW2.

ReservoirDog3163356d ago

Yeah, I know.

Activision knows that too. That's why they had the nerve to do all this. Can't people just see that it's for the greater good? How can anyone be this obtuse?

omni_atlas3356d ago

Well for one thing, steam is selling MW2 for $90 freaking US dollars in Australia...

PC users =/ sheep