Fighting Games: The Most Badly Named Genre

Gamoc of Sixthaxis writes: "On Thursday I rented Virtua Fighter 5 for the 360, due to a combination of feeling cheated that the PS3 version didn't have online multiplayer and wanting to beat the crap out of something without getting arrested. I'm going to be up front about this; I am not particularly good at fighting games. I'm not exactly terrible, though, I'm more in the group of people who beat other people of the same group but, when faced by either anyone who plays them a lot or a small child's wild button mashing skills, will lose horribly."

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BYE3268d ago

The beauty of GOOD fighting games is, once you reach a certain skill level you can eat button mashers for breakfast to get free and easy ranking points.

ForNgoods3268d ago

And you'd be surprised that it doesnt take a whole lot of skill to beat that button masher. You just need knowledge of the game.

Ravage273268d ago

i never liked fighting games much, but BlazBlue really surprised me with its unique gameplay and artstyle. Easily the best fighting game for me, as it is the only one that kept me playing :)

Simon_Brezhnev3268d ago

yep thats why its the highest rated fighter this year

zerocrossing3268d ago

id say it depends on the game, the Tekken and Soul caliber franchise are easyer for button mashers (my little sister for example) to get to grips with but somthing like Blaz blue or DoA i'v noticed are harder for button mash.

toaster3268d ago

I love Tekken. I rememeber Tekken 2 on the Playstation and I would always be Eddy because his cool breakdance like moves, or King because he's a f*cking human with a Jaguar head (badass btw). But button massing in Tekken is horrible... Don't get me wrong, I love Tekken but I could get beaten by kids.. and I knew Eddy's movelist inside and out.

DOA and Street Fighter, on the other hand, are about timing, precision, and execution. One mistake when trying to counter could be the end of that match for you.

Also, if this guy is pissed about Virtua Fighter's arcade mode, he should play DOA4 or Street Fighter 4. In for a real treat, hehe. Anyone who's played story/arcade in those games know what I'm talking about. Alpha 152 or whatever it's called in DOA4 teleports DURING COMBOS. Even when you're in the middle of a GRAB COMBO. Has to be one of the all time cheapest bosses. Plus one grab combo from her takes out half your life bar. That's pretty much the same with SF4's Seth.

mbanatech253268d ago

thats why we say true fighting game is mk trilogy thats wher u find grandmaster.