OXCGN's Massive Forza 3 Career Help Guide


"Forza 3 would have to have the biggest selection of races available in any known racing game to date.

With 730 races, (no, I have yet to work out exactly how many laps that is, but I'm working on it…that will be in Tips #2), which are spread over a massive 220 events from 10 different categories or series ranging from 50 different real life race circuits as well as fictional tracks based on real life locations in places such as Italy, Germany, France, Nth America, England, Japan and Spain. I think you'll need a Tourist Visa!"

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BadCircuit3267d ago

It was helpful in finding the best car for each race. It also helped me to earn credits.

Bereaver3267d ago

And you needed help with this game? It was too hard for you or what?

Sorry, lol.

gaminoz3267d ago

Not everyone knows cars inside out...

Bereaver3267d ago

Sorry, I just assumed that you (BadCircuit/gaminoz, yes you are the same person) were gamers since you're on the website n4g. But I guess you could still be a newb or just not good at racing games... but they say forza is supposed to be for everyone lol. Anyway, yeah, I placed 16th in a nationwide GT4 contest, soo... sorry, I could be bashing your for the wrong reason. Maybe I'm just good.

XboxOZ3603267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Not everyone wants to take the game (any game) on a 'casual' basis, many want to take it very seriously. Forza 2 had over 2 mil constant users online right up until Forza 3 was released.

Many still play it doing caparison times ob the same tracks with the same cars etc to see the difference.

The 'casual' gamer simply wants to jump in and play without any consiquenses. The hardcore gamer of the series wants to work through every facet of the game. As an example, I've put over 500 hours into Forza 2 and loved every minute of it.

I've worked through to Driver level 35 on Forza 3 and have ranked in th etop 1% in Circuit in Class B and 2% in Class A. And have the desire to better that, so things like this help me, and others.

Some have created excellent tuning software applications to 'help' others get the best they can out of their cars based the modification they have made, the amount of horsepower they have created.

This is what 'enthusiasts' do with games. Be it Forza 3, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Modern Conflict 2 etc etc. They build websites, create special info pages showing fans how to get the most out of the game that turns them on the most.

Oh, and btw, Gaminoz and Bad Circuit are not the same person, I've seen Gaminoz around for a long time, and he's certainly NOT the type to create multiple accounts just to post more comments, that's for sure.

gaminoz3267d ago

mate, I'm not BadCircuit...that's my son, lol.

jpdcmo3266d ago

The only guide i need is to know why the turn 10 put 2 car models in the game, one model you can see in showroom,photo mode,paint mode (looks great), the another model you can see in racing mode (looks the same of forza 2) its possible to see great differences EX:the ferrari f50 in photo mode have a rear grid and in race mode the grid disappears lol.

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BadCircuit3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

oops double post.

gaminoz3267d ago

I still have yet to pick up this game but I long to play the turns of Positano in a Ferrari!

allegionary3267d ago

Forza 3 is one of the best racing games I've played.

green3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

I have been playing this game for ages and i just checked my profile and i have only completed 17% of the career mode

@ Below: Have you played Racepro?

wxer3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

ain't like ALL car sims. like that ?

@ above

XboxOZ3603266d ago

God I love idiot children, they are so much fun - NOT! As I'm sure no responsible adult would act like 80% of the ppl in here do, well, I'd certainly hope not.

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