Silent Hill 5 Multi-Platform?

In a recent interview with Japanese magazine Dengeki Playstation chief Silent Hill designer Masashi Tsuboyama recently talkedSilent Hill 5 - Namely platforms. In an age when all but first party games are going multi-platform, what does that mean for SH 5? Tsuboyama explains:

"We only have ideas but we have been assessing next-generation consoles such as Sony's Playstation 3... We have not decided the console yet... Silent Hill 1 to 3 have all been multi platform appearing on either Playstation 3, Xbox or PC. This was when we were working at DVD level with no HD needed. Mutli-Platform will be discussed but nothing is certain yet... The Xbox 360 is definatly a candidate."

BlackIceJoe5960d ago

To me it sounds like if the game does go Multi-Platform the lead game would be the PS3 and to me that is all that matters. I could care less if it ends up on the 360. Just as long as the PS3 version will be able to do things that it could not had it been on the 360.

Honeal2g5960d ago

i hate people like you trying to justify a 200$ price difference by saying reckless statements "as long as the ps3 version will be able to do things the 360 cant"...come on seriously we all know that each system has there strong points what was the point of that statement?

BlackIceJoe5960d ago (Edited 5960d ago )

I am sorry I made you feel bad Honeal2g. All I was saying and it is easy to see at least I think so. That if it is leading on the PS3 it might use more of the PS3's features. Like there might be better lighting and textures. Nothing really that big just the little things. Also if it was leading on the 360 I would hope the same would be said for the 360 version. Because if one system is the lead there would be different things that might look better on that version and that is what I was saying.

tehcellownu5960d ago (Edited 5960d ago )

Exactly, as long the ps3 is the lead platform i can care less if it goes mulitplatform..they seem to be leaning towards the PS3 because of the space and how powerful the ps3 can be if used right..they even called the wii a family console and thats true..its more aimed for kids..

oh yeah silent hill was never exclusive..so xbots dont even bother..lol..

God of Gaming5960d ago

I thought it always was on both? I remember previews on teamxbox.com a loooong time ago. I dont have super high hopes for the game though, seems like SH has struggled over the last few releases.

dauden5960d ago

Old news .. Other than that, a good read.

Oh, did I mention Silent Hill 2 is my favourite game of all time and that I could kill to get my hands on this one?

kamakazi5960d ago (Edited 5960d ago )

i own every silent hill, never played them but my bro loves these games, hes even getting ORIGINS for the psp. silent hill 1 looks bad on the PS3 though :( i just love the creatures in these games.

PS360WII5960d ago

This interview didn't say much other than they are thinking of putting Silent Hill on either PS3, 360, or Wii, or 2 of them, or.... well you get the idea. Funny how he meantioned the Wii of it. Saying it would be easy to put it out on the Wii just hard to use the controller. I don't know in the end this will most likly be a PS3/360 title. Didn't they already say it was for both? Is this interview after that statement?

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