Uncharted themed pinball game coming to PSP

Sony is making a splash into the minis pool with 4 pinball games based on popular PlayStation titles. Under the name of "Pinball Heroes" - Uncharted, Pain, Hot Shots Golf, and High Velocity Bowling versions have been leaked via the ESRB. Hopefully Sony releases some screens and information soon.

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Xbox Avatars Shoe3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

In-game characters like a Drake costume for SackBoy or a ModNation Racer Drake character would be cool, but a themed pinball game is stupid. An Uncharted themed PS3 or PSP would be cool too since it'd be limited edition but an arcade game with an Uncharted theme is lame.

It'll probably a be a decent pinball game but it'll cost $10 extra due to the licensing.

thereapersson3318d ago

There are OTHER GAMES getting the SAME treatment; it just so happens that Uncharted is one of them.

sinncross3318d ago

It is merely a themed version of a Pinball game being released, not an official Uncharted Pinball game.

It is merely to appeal to UC fans or get PSP owners interested in UC as a franchise. I personally don't see that as milking. Its pretty much like the MSS theme for LBP. LPB is the game, MGS the theme: just as Pinball Heroes is the game, and the Uncharted version graphical variation of it.

Cmen3319d ago

Time for Sony to milk Uncharted.

Ninji3319d ago

It was either this or Uncharted Racing.

Crash Bandicoot - PS1
Jak & Daxter - PS2
Uncharted - PS3

kassatsu3319d ago

I am sure there will be plenty of ModNation Racers characters that look Uncharted characters

thereapersson3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

There are four other games besides Uncharted that are getting this treatment. Oh, but I forgot, because people blame Halo for being milked, it's okay for your to claim that Uncharted is getting the same treatment?

Halo 2
Halo 3
Halo Wars (RTS)
Halo Books
Halo: Reach (in development)
Halo Legends (Japanese Anime series in production)


Uncharted 2
Uncharted motion comic
Uncharted Pinball

Seferoth753318d ago

Pulling up Halo is how you prove they are not milking it? Sorry but MS milking Halo doesnt really prove anything.

Halo3 MLG Pro3318d ago

Why choose Halo? Why not choose Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy or Mario? Those 3 games have been milked to death.

evrfighter3318d ago

I was just shown that uncharted is just about halfway to catching up to Halo in one console generation...

you just made Uncharted look like a milked franchise...

Elven63318d ago

Simple, if you guys think a game with sequels that are rated highly (80+ on MC) qualifies as milking the franchise, just don't buy it! More copies for the rest of us! :) Enjoy the Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Spyro, Crash, etc games that have 70- averages on MC.

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Alcon Caper3319d ago


kassatsu3319d ago

I think people will think there are screens at the link if I put it under Images. Will keep it under news.

kaveti66163318d ago

Let the record show that there is no Halo Pinball as of yet. jk

I couldn't care less about the debate. Give the fans what they want.

Milky3318d ago

hots shots pinball sounds like the best one.

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