Infinity Ward Fans of "The Unit" or the Start of Artists Invading Videogames?

XE writes:

"Rapper 50 Cent did not only just lend a few voiceovers for the game...It was shocking news to a few when news broke out that notorious rapper 50 Cent was lending a few lines for the Spec Ops mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I didn't really see any problem with that but alot of fans did - hey, what can you do?

What recently came as a shocker next was the choice of music used for the game's launch trailer; 'Till I Collapse by Eminem of The Eminem Show album. I thought the music had fit that trailer pretty well but that's just me. Take a look at the trailer below if for some reason youve been living under a rock the past few days. "

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ProA0073268d ago

That's pretty funny yet highly smart. Possibly the biggest game of 2009, smart thinking to put your music in there for your upcoming album....

LukaX233268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

I think IW was originally going to have the two artists get involved with the game cause they might actually be fans of their music, but I'll bet Bobby Kotick was like: "OH, wait! Let's make a deal with them so that we earn MORE MONEY! I'M SO SMART!."

killa916063268d ago

Its just bizness, thats why infinity ward's real name is "Infinity Pay"

Blaze9293268d ago

lol....i gotta admit that was pretty funny...the music and the "Infinity Pay" part...

D3adcell3268d ago

The lead animator of CoD4 is Mark Grigsby who did the rap at the end of CoD4. So I assume they are probably fans in some way.

LordMarius3268d ago

All I see is trash in that picture

Noctis Aftermath3268d ago

people who call other people trash are the worst.

MAiKU3268d ago

Really? Those people are the worst? They're the worst kind of people out there? Really?

I've seen a woman smack a child in the face but no that's not as bad as calling rude and vulgar people trash.

People who call other people trash are the worst indeed sir.


ZBlacktt3268d ago

Man, have you guys seen BFBC2's game play video! Just ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.