Why Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo Are Their Own Worst Enemies

Cruncharcades's Peter Suciu Says:

When this round in the video game console wars first began at the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, this reporter's reaction was that one company was arrogant (Sony), one company was desperate (Microsoft) and one company was clueless (Nintendo). Fast-forward to today, and all three of the hardware manufacturers are looking a wee bit foolish. Each has a chance to win this thing – possibly for good – but all they can do is make mistakes and missteps.

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PS360WII4573d ago

so the -Wii should keep it simple
-PS3 should show off some big games and be like Wii and also not say to much
-360 should make hdd standard

...least that's what I got out of it

TruthHurts4573d ago

gamers have became their worst enemies.

Maddens Raiders4573d ago

Good read drtysouf. I must say I was a little surprised by the quality of writing and deft indifference from crunchgear on this one.

carlman234573d ago

There's a lot more to the current console race than a few key titles...

If the Wii keeps it overly simple, they're going to quickly slide right back into where the GameCube was. The 'casual' market they're courting is finicky and unpredictable, how will they be able to market blockbuster games to people who don't really care (look at the sales of Twilight Princess).

Sony just needs to stop screwing up on every single front. They've also gotta get some serious exclusives. Honestly, they've priced their console so damned high that I'm not sure why they'd bother going after the casual market at all... seems like a lost cause until the price drops.

Microsoft has to steal Sony's thunder and expand beyond the hardcore online market (why not some more online co-op games eh?). Umm, and there's more to MS's line up than Halo. That was a pretty ridiculous comment considering that MS has more exclusives announced for their console than the other two.

Saint Sony4573d ago

I'm sure this person will be hired by Sony, MS or Nintendo anytime now... NOT.

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The story is too old to be commented.