Art of War (X360) Announced

SUN Sports & Entertainment announced that it has completed the formation of MMA Games with partners Barking Lizards and Summit Advisory Partners to create Art of War, a cutting edge fighting game that focuses on and reinforces the Art of War fighting competition.

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God of Gaming4746d ago

God of War
Gears of War
Art of War

So .. whats next? Anyone have a guess?

Grown Folks Talk4745d ago

nintendo comes out with mario of war.

Grown Folks Talk4745d ago

would be awesome. the game could consist of arguing with your teammates about how to go about the war with your enemy. or maybe just the n4g version, fanboy of war. themart and his team vs kevin and his team of expert novel writers.

no_more_heroes4745d ago

Fantasy of War, a Final Fantasy RTS spinoff, exclusively for the ps3 (or is it?)

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MK_Red4745d ago

Well, its good to hear about a new fighting game, the genre thats almost dead. Few games like MK, Tekken, DOA, VFR and GG are all thats left.

Eclipticus4745d ago

fight night and Icon, plus wrestling is considered a fighting game.
what ever happened to soul Calibur 3?