Controversial CoD: Modern Warfare 2 Video

Infinity Wards' soon to be released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 appears to drop players into some pretty controversial roles during the games campaign mode. One being this "Airport" scene from the No Russian level. Check it out after the jump.

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RudeSole Devil3356d ago

Holy crap that sick, can't wait to play this game.

Shogun Master3356d ago

That's pretty sick, literally. did they really have to put that in the game?

Soul Train3356d ago

that's sicker then any chainsaw kill I've seen. wow.

LordMarius3356d ago

was it really necessary, Knowing how sick people are (Ft. Hood Massacre) someone is going to recreate this scene
tsk tsk IW

Maddens Raiders3356d ago

even for a thrill seeker like me, this was tough to get through, but I can see the purpose. It's just so disturbingly surreal.

HolyOrangeCows3356d ago

As unsure of this game I was before, I'm not even considering touching this game anymore.

SnuggleBandit3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

i don't have a problem with violence or gore in videogames, but for some reason this whole clip made my stomach turn.

I think its because this is a "real life" setting, and has a possibility of actually happening, its not some fantasy world like for example God of War where you rip a fictional characters head off.

Saaking3356d ago

It's just a game and all, but isn't a little out of bounds. I mean, it's one thing to kill enemy soldiers, but civilians? Even if they are enemy civilians, they're not armed and they're innocent. There really is NO reason for this to be in the game other than to stir controversy.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

It's one thing to choose to run over pedestrians is GTA but to play a mission that requires you to go on a civilian rampage, is another. In army games you're supposed to defend civilians from terrorists like this, not the other way around.

BTW it's pretty obvious you attack the US from the Russian side. On GTTV Geoff Keighly asked the IW VP if you attack the US from he Russian side and the VP blushed and said "You'll... have to play the game to find out," to which Geoff replied "But you're not ruling that out?" and the VP responded by smiling and looking at the floor. So, I'm assuming you perform more terroristic acts than this airport scene.

PeptoBismol3356d ago

did Jack Thompson hack your accounts?

it's just a video-game. if you have a problem with it, don't play. no one is forcing you.

Bathyj3356d ago

Youre all missing the point.

We've all been killing for so long without a second thought, this is suppossed to stop and make you think about the morality of it. Its suppossed to cause a reaction. They want you to actually feel something.

And its a bit hypocritical of you guys to claim killing innocents is so wrong, in a game, yet mow down pedestrian after predestrian in GTA.

Bonsai12143356d ago

1. haven't seen you in forever Bathyj.

2. that's kinda brutal, even for a game. and its a shame that no one pays attention to the M rating on the game. It seems like you can play it killing only a few people, but you can still expect a HUGE backlash from this. pretty much every teenaged shooting will be blamed on this game from here on, true or not.

3. i haven't played the first MW, but i might pick up this one because the story seems interesting.

APOFISBORICUA3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

you really have to play it. Its sickier when you play it. At first you are inside an elevator an the screen is just black. Then the door opens and one of your guys start shooting at people and they are screaming scaringly. At first I was like in shock then I killed my own team of psychos and then I finally understood I have to kill all these inocent people. As a 32 year old gamer I have to said that this was totally unnecessary. To me the level wasnt fun and I want to have fun in my games. The game is good but this level is totally out of some sick mind.


EDIT: BATHYJ I DONT LIKE GTA EITHER. But just because I find no fun on it, im no moralist neither!!!!

LordMarius3356d ago

Also I just contacted CNN....

HolyOrangeCows3356d ago

Then IW and Activision got just what they wanted.
They now have controversy for the extra attention.

(I think you're kidding, but we all know SOMEONE will)

Bathyj3356d ago

I agree its shoking. I think its supposed to be.

People are calling it scary. What you should really be scared off is the fact that headshot, artirial sprays, guttings with chainsaws, disembowlments, (I could go on) no longer raise an eye brow from anyone. We need to be slapped in the the face with something this butal to wake us from our slumber. Now thats scary.

Besides is it more upsetting than Schindlers List, or Starship troopers. Movies, and books especially have far, far worse, tak it for what it is, a game.

PS, as for inciting terrorist acts, I looked up a history book. Apparently there was killing before videogames were invented, sometimes over the silliest things like religion.

Bloodraid3356d ago

So... Where were all of these 'shocked' gamers for this?

T3L3PROOF3356d ago

I know it is kinda shocking at first, but Infinity Ward was trying to get you to play as them so you can get sickened yourself, from their you would have a sort of "hatred" towards that group, that would make you be more "INTO" the game.

It's a subliminal aspect that I.W. tries to use.

ReservoirDog3163356d ago

I didn't see the video (spoilers) but it sounds like it's showing the brutality of killing by doing this. And I loved GTA IV because the killings were so realistically brutal (walk up behind a civilian in GTA IV, pull out a gun and shoot them in the head. If your stomach doesn't churn, you have issues), so this should be interesting when I get around to playing it.

And I'm sure they're not glorifying it, so I don't know why you guys (and girls) are getting up in arms. This stuff happens and they're showing how ugly it is.

Buy it used everyone. It's for the greater good.

sikbeta3356d ago

Guys, this is called controversy, It helps to Grow the Hype-Storm even more, so if this is found by the news media like CNN, man, shareholders going to swim in the more expensive champagne....

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Dont have a problem with it.
@ Saaking. How do you know theres no reason for it? It could be an integral part of the story and add extra depth to the plot.

Bit off topic - Anyone else think the MW2 box looks rubbish?

WhittO3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

This is just for PURE ATTENTION, they know the press will get onto this etc and it will probably give the game loads of publicity.

Just really no need for it being in the game..

Cant they get attention/publicity off just how good the game is ?
guess not...

Ocelot5253356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

this is a good mission for arcade mode(if mw2 still has that, hope so)
(i'm joking so don't kill my bubbles)

and btw you don't have to kill people in this mission, actually you have to act like you are killing people cuz you're a cia agent. actually you're mission is for the greater good, kill some now and avoid war(in which he fails ofcourse) but everyone here is raping the game like it is a terrorist training game

STONEY43356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

IT'S A GAME. Sheesh, it's not like you're killing real people. You can even skip the level if it offends you (yes, there's an option for that). I bet several of the people complaining have gone on a killing spree in a GTA game before.

gintoki7773356d ago

Great now they gave terrorists a simulator


Knghtz3356d ago

Dead pixels are serious business

M_Prime3356d ago

There is a option to SKIP these levels in the pause menu so you don't have to play it.

get over it its a game, and yes.. OSAMA uses this game to train his terrorists.. because going around an airport and shooting people is a terrorist simulator. Stuff like this has happened in the past i am sure so a small group of people that are extremists get a war they want. Its all a setup.

man, they dropped so many bombs in Afganistan and Iraq, do you think they only killed military personel?

if you like war stuff.. check out GENERATION KILL its a 7 episode HBO series and its amazing but i warn you that Civilians do die.

table3356d ago

did anyone else notice the knife kill when 5 metres away from the guy? that is gonna be a pain in the ass in the multiplayer... typical call of duty

antoinetm3356d ago

Exactly what i like about IW, they show whats sick and disgusting in war. And hopefully makes you realize the virtue of peace.

Warfare is ugly and it has been too often depicted as an action packed adventure.

But i agree that this kind of realism should be handled with care since there are many retards around us. Although the same could be said about movies and books.

Eamon3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

It is really shocking but I don't think it should be removed from the game. Instead the age rating should be 18 or R or whatever and that's it. It's the same as movies/games containing gore, sex, horror and violence; if you can't handle it, don't buy it.

BTW, to people who didn't realise: It's a russian airport. Russians militants disguised themselves as Americans terrorists and shot Russian civilians and left you (the real american and infiltrator) dead to make Russia think America was behind all of this. Pretty clever plan tbh. I wonder if the story in MW2 will be better than COD4.

DERKADER3355d ago

How is this any different then running over and shooting civilians in GTA?

thewhoopimen3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

I found this VERY distasteful.... It is like playing a WW2 game as a Nazi and watching the jews writhe in agony while you pull the switch in the gas chamber. Do you think for even one second that would fly??? Neither should this in my opinion. Why don't they let you fly into the f**king twin towers then and watch people jump out of the buildings in flames?

It was very unncessary. They could have designed it, so you played it on the security side and watched the massacre unfold. Equipped you with a taser that didn't work on terrorists (cuz of their vests), following them and yelling into your radio notifying their position.

I find this scene appalling and highly irresponsible that they put you in as a terrorist to shoot ppl down. All for some cheap money. Money comes easy Activision/Infinity Ward when you can throw responsibility to the wind. This shouldn't be rated M, it should be AO for depicting this. I know plenty of teens that will circumvent the M and they shouldn't for something like this.

@Derkader it isn't that fundamentally different from GTA, but in GTA you do that in your own privacy and your own choice and time. Notice how the guy playing the video didn't try to kill as many ppl as he/she could... Why? cuz it's very distasteful to show to an audience. This scenario is forcing the player to play a certain way that he/she may not want to.

DERKADER3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Actually they aren't forcing you to play this part their is an option to skip it. So your entire argument is flawed. In GTA I don't try and kill every civilian around me either so whats your point? Does any one mention that in a later mission in MW2 you fail if you hit a civilian. Some people just can't handle the fact that "PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE" not things(except natural disasters)and especially not games.

thewhoopimen3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

I think you COMPLETELY missed my point. It's one thing to allow for killing and massacre as a mechanic, it is completely another thing to purposely set up a scenario for it, EVEN if you can skip it. Besides, what does the message say about skipping? Oh, you are going to see something graphic that may unsuitable. Would that tell you what you will be watching, considering you are already going around shooting bad guys?

I mean come on, do you see ppl helping other ppl getting shot in the back in GTA? This woman is curled up to the side holding her dead kid or husband in her arms, is it really ok to walk over and bash her head in? Why is this even in the game? Obviously it doesn't serve to advance the plot b/c your charc gets killed in the end.

It's just irresponsible barring realities of life. Just b/c it has reality value doesn't make it palatable for the audience.

kws10653355d ago

you do shot the real-looking people by your hand (or finger), with your eyes (or your point-of-view) in realistic scene.

Considering there are few people inspired by even GTA, I would censor it if I could. What is so different from Virginia Tech incident?

DERKADER3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

You don't get where I'm coming from. You have the a choice as a Human to watch/buy/play this game. No one is forcing you to do anything. Why do you care so much about what happens in this game. Far worse things happen in movies and in reality. That's why games and movies have a rating system. So what your saying is that R rated movies are allowed to look real and cause an emotional response but M rated games aren't allowed to do the same? That doesn't seem fair. We can't censor the world and we defiantly shouldn't censor fiction.

@KWS1065 : Virgina Tech was reality, MW2 is a fictional game. It takes a real person with a real gun to kill a real person. As soon as I see a group of terrorist with Wiimotes or DualShocks in their hands trying to kill someone then I'll get up set.

kws10653355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

You forget the fact that shooting a gun can be done by almost anybody as easily as pulling 360 pad trigger.

As you say, the difference is whether it is real or not, but at the same time, that's all the difference.

DERKADER3355d ago

You honestly think that shooting and killing a person in real life is just as easy as in a game. I think we might need to keep an eye on your actions if you think killing is that easy. I guess I'm the only one that can tell the difference between killing someone in a game and killing some one in reality. In reality there are consequences for your action and no restart button or checkpoints.

"PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE". I feel like I'm Ben Afleck in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, trying to explain to all of you what fictional characters are. Fiction=Not Real. Terrorist have been targeting airports way before MW2.

kws10653355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Don't get me wrong. For me, even this game scene is terrible. I am talking about how visually close the recent game is to the real life.

There are many different kinds of people and even the most moderate people can pull a trigger by an instant feeling. This game scene is close enough to initiate such urge.

Haven't you seen any copycat criminals by any media? People can do something by just reading a book. What would it be if people do it indirectly?

MEsoJD3355d ago

are soo shocked but theres movies that are way worse than this or

anything other video game. I'm glad they've added this to the game.

Movie directors have great freedom to express their vision, so

shouldn't video games??? Also this is a rated M game, which is intended

for adults. People have to stop applying all video games to kids. Also

playing video games doesn't encourage violence.

Tjtroublemaker3355d ago

Yea i think its pretty bad, but i guess they are letting you see how bad the terrorists are...just make sure you know right from wrong if you play it.

IcarusOne3355d ago

Yes, this made my stomach lurch. From the sound design to how calm the shooters were (walking instead of running), this is unnervingly realistic. But to those of you demanding this be censored or removed from the game, that's a very slippery slope. You're seeing this whole thing out of context.

It reminds me of The Kingdom. The first ten minutes is a gutsy, horrifying depiction of a terrorist attack on an American base in Saudi Arabia. It's the setup for the entire movie and without it, none of the film's themes or philosophies could be explored. Out of context, it's a horrifying ordeal. In context, it's a horrifying ordeal, but it also serves a purpose.

I trust that this does too. If IW has finally crafted an experience that poisons us to the thrills of combat that every FPS exploits, then I applaud them. However, if all they've done is further exploit our communal disgust of terrorism, that's a different story.

Only playing the game for yourself will decide this answer.

thewhoopimen3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Again, movies don't ask you to pull the trigger. Movies aren't even close to the same immersive medium as this. As I mentioned before there is a line between watching it, and actively asking you to participate in it. I think Infinity Ward crossed the line that even GTA doesn't.

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RudeSole Devil3356d ago

What are you the N4G police? Who cares about the PC and the video is clearly the Xbox 360 version.

Pandamobile3356d ago

I just get sick of reporting every article for the same reason.

And if it's "clearly the Xbox 360 version" why would he include the PS3 tag? It's one thing when you have a video showing off the specific platform, and putting it in one channel, but when you show one version, tag both the console channels and ignore the PC channel, that doesn't suffice.

Sea_Man3356d ago

Seriously what a ignorant prick!

3356d ago
ia_studio3356d ago

I wasn't going to buy this game but damn, it may sound sick, but this sold me the game.

Saaking3356d ago

Panda is just following the rules and contributing to N4G. If more people would use the report button for stuff other than lame, there would be less trash here. MW2 is on the PC, this scene is in the PC version therefore this article should also be on the PC channel.

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ape0073356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

scary,every game tries to avoid killing civilians,that's SICK IW

OFF TOPIC,guys and gals I've just found that ps3 version of mw support game status,as well as the ability to invite your friend or join session in progress,all of these can be done in the in-game xmb

how sick

Joe Bomb3356d ago

good news for ps3 fans then.

theEnemy3356d ago

something like this:

Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 - Killing civilians in an airport.


ape0073356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

my friend got it on ps3 as well as my bro

I'll may it again on ps3 too cause damn that blu-ray looks fantastct

but hey my wallet is killin me man

theEnemy3356d ago

I guess I won't see you online then. ;)

I'm getting this on steam too since I had some PC Gamers only buddies.

ape0073356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

I wanna see cross platform online battles,Imagine how sick and cool is that

you hear gas says


and cross voice communication,you just hear bashing and screaming everywhere

and Tournaments where ps3 gamer,360 gamers and pc gamers fight for and there is only ONE WINNER,that will make battles much more violent and fierce

come on sony,come on ms make tit happen

ProperFunked3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )


oh yeah lol, the game asks you before you even get to the main menu if you wanna skip that level because it MIGHT be offensive, i never actually thought it would be this "offensive" but from reading the comments, i thought wrong. the BGM is pretty cool from the level, really gets you pumped, and there is alot of dieing...not your typical killing dieing, but you'll get what i mean once you play it thru.

8.5-8.9 at best...overall

EvilBlackCat3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Violence is violence

Sin is Sin

If you enjoy it in other games you will enjoy it on this one.

So don't come out like "Oh my GOD!!! that is too much"

What about NG2 and what about God of War?

But remember you are not committing a sin because is a damn video game.

I am NOT in favor of that kind of behavior and i don't support it with my actions but i am going to be honest with you all... The world is getting more violent than ever before and its because of the media.
I am a adult and i know that this wont change my mind because i don't see violence like a cool thing like most gamers and people in this corrupted rock do because they have been brainwashed.

All i ask is... don't let this kind of games fall in the hands of kids and our youth and if they see it and play it anyway please explain them and let them know why its not a cool thing.

CLANCY BROWN3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

The world has always been friggin violent.Death my friend is the only constant.The world has not been getting more violent just more efficient.Video Games, books , television, and movies are only a mirror.They do not cause violence- people cause violence. An adult should know this and not be looking for scapegoats.

I find it funny how a lot of people in here suddenly sound like jack thompson. Funny stuff indeed.

TheReaper423355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

are the PC guys invited in the crossplatform battles as well, or is that just too one sided :P

on topic: the only thing that differentiate the mass killings in GTA vs this scene, is that GTA has the popo's chasing after you. This scene, however, is just a pure killing spree with no punishment.

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Joe Bomb3356d ago

Its a pretty sick scene but I could really care a less. real people are scary, not games.

ForTheFallen3355d ago

I just hate the fact this is justified in the game...


Reminds me of 9/11...Not to mention, Mumbai was also a fn inside job, but nobody wants to hear that...

And to the people saying this is just a game...No, it's not just a game. It is justifying shooting civilians. Does it matter that it's not real? And if you agree with it, you're so corrupt no one is going to change you but yourself.

jaidek3356d ago

This is a scene that I never imagined playing in a COD game. And I am not sure as to why IW needed to have this in there. All I can think of is that they really wanted to pull a Rockstar and make something controversial that will hit big in the news outlets. Not really the best choice if you ask me, especially in the current world events.

I can see the headlines now, "Latest Video Game Trains Children To Be Terrorists."

Baron793356d ago

I couldn't agree more. I really don't care about the violence, its the type that it is. I don't mind slapping a hooker around in GTA, I just wouldn't want to do THAT (Airplane scene) in a video game...ever.

ArthurLee3356d ago

This is new ammo for that prick Lieberman, and his fight against video games. prick.

Shogun Master3356d ago

it because it looks so damn real. politicians will b!tch for sure.

Rocket Sauce3356d ago

Jesus Christ man, I've never felt so sick at the thought of a game. I know it sounds so cliche and lame, but these assholes aren't getting my money.

This isn't like GTA where violence is played off in a comedic way. It's all about how it's presented. Did you see that injured guy try to crawl away from the player? That's pretty disgusting.

I understand they're trying to create shock value, but encouraging YOU to mow down all those people is f'ed up and shameless.

How are they gonna top this? Are they going to put a school shooting level in Modern Warfare 3?

SSS3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

If you had you'd know the context, after you play the game you'll understand that part better....

Also you don't have to mow down any civilians you can just observe..... thats what i did. I shot randomly at the wall away from civies so i wouldn't look suspicous either.

But that scene was extremely disturbing, i wont deny that, but it serves its purpose and gets you to think.

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